Top 10 Revision Tips For Your Finals


Revision plays an important role during the exams as it helps in reviewing and remembering the forgotten concepts during a student’s preparations. As the exam date approaches, most of the students stay up all night with the fear of incomplete preparations. The importance of revision is mostly ignored by many students as they keep on preparing with the new topics from the syllabus till the day of the exam. Revising is the process of memorizing the same known topics and making them perfect for the exam.

Revision is something that is writing, recollecting, improving, etc. on studied concepts. There is no reason to fear for exams with proper revisions. As the preparation holidays are coming to an end, most of the students start panicking about very less time left out for their revisions. Here are few revision tips that will help you for your finals.

1.     Prepare a smart and effective revision timetable. As you would have completed with all your syllabus by now, and would be perfect with all the topics. Based on the syllabus and time, plan accordingly, prepare a timetable and stick to it.

2.     Revise more previous year question papers, mock test papers, sample question papers and other important questions given by your lecturers.There are chances as some of these questions may appear in your finals.

3.     Always start your revisions early in the morning, in a fresh mood after a good sleep along with a cup of a coffee, as it boosts up your metabolism.

4.     Have a self-test. If possible, ask your friend or any other family member to test you. This helps to gain more confidence towards your preparation and removes the exam stress and phobia.

5.     Spend most of your time in recollecting the important terminologies, diagrams with their labeling, formulas, equations, and other theorems if any. Always remember to practice more by writing as it helps to memorize easily and remember for a long time.

6.     Create short notes or flashcards. As on the day of the exam, you cannot refer all the study materials. So during your revision make a flashcard of all important topics, scientific terms, derivations, date of inventions, etc. for last minute preparations.

7.     If possible, have your revision sessions with a group of 4 to 5 friends as it gains more knowledge where you can share different information about the similar topics and improve your interest towards the subject.

8.     Apart from the study materials and other lecture notes, students can also check the YouTube videos and other online educational websites to watch some live explanations for different topics including Biology, Maths, physics, chemistry, etc. For example- The Anatomy of Human Brain can be effectively studied along with its parts, 3D model and other important facts about the Human Brain.  

9.     If your school/ college is providing any early morning classes before your exams try to attend it. In all your revision classes, the teachers may share some tips and important questions that will help in the paper.

10.                        The last and the final tip is to relax well, eat well and have a positive thought towards your preparations. Stay away from all sorts of distraction during your preparations and revision sessions.Study well, All the Best.


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