How to write SEO friendly blog post | Tips

write SEO friendly blog post Tips

Tips for friendly SEO blog posts

Writing a SEO friendly blog post is all about its content and the way of writing it. The blog should be easily readable and understandable to the reader, if the reader understands the blog or article they will share it to others and that’s how you will know that your content is right and approachable to the public. Here are some tips for writing an “SEO friendly blog post”.

Writing a SEO friendly blog for any topic will help in increasing the search engine for that topic and somehow it will increase its SEO. The blog should not contain a lot of phrasing of words and over doing of keywords. It should be friendly and readable at the same time to the reader.

Searching of keywords

Before writing any SEO friendly blog keywords should be searched in the most prominent way. Keywords helps in knowing what the audience actually wants. The keywords should be used in the article for attracting the audience for their searches.

Just writing an article or a blog in paragraphs does not make any sense there are some tips which needs to be followed up for blogging.

Tips for a healthy SEO friendly blog post

Make up your mind before writing

Firstly, think of the topic you are going to write about. Want do you want to serve to your audience as content, What is your purpose of writing the SEO friendly blog, What should the readers do after reading your blog? After all this questions answers have rolled into your mind you must start writing the blog.

  1. Body of the blog
  1. There must be a proper introduction of the blog in which the contents of the blogs are explained.
    1. A body where the message of the content is written.
    2. A conclusive message of the blog for the reader.

Headings and paragraphs should be used

Writing a blog in paragraphs makes it more presentable but it should not be lengthy enough to read. Changing of line makes the article look boring sometimes headings and paragraphs make the content of the blog heavier and worthy of reading. Each paragraph should should have a topic of meaning in it which relates to the blog’s purpose. “SEO friendly blog post” is the title of the blog hence paragraphs should be made and presented in repect to this topic only.

Headings also pays a vital role. Whenever anything is written in headings it becomes approachable for the reader to understand the blog easily. Headlines connects to the readers eyes in a most attractive way. Uses of subheadings for the blog which elaborate the topic in a meaningful way and also makes the blog presentable enough. In headings and subheadings keywords should be kept in maintain so that the reader does not go out if the topic and knows the concept that why the blog has been written.

Use of alteration words

Alteration words helps in reaching to the blogs content easily the paragraphs and the sentences .Words like however, for example, likely ,whomsoever etc. This words give a clear signal to the reader of making the conclusion part for the blog.

No copying of content

Google is very smart enough to know the content of each and every blogger so copy and paste of the content should not be done. Whatever comes in mind should not be written every piece of sentence should have a meaning to it which is related to the content of the blog. The paragraphs, headings ,subheadings should be thought wisely before writing and publishing. Keywords should be written with synonyms so that it can attract more nicely.

Overwriting should not be done

While writing the blog one thing which should strictly kept in mind is that overwriting should not be done. The content of the blog should not be lengthy. It should be easily approachable for reading purposes. Keywords should be used for enhancing the blog content but overwriting of keywords also makes the blog boring hence no lengthy content. Minimum utilization of words should be there only the words which have a proper meaning to the content and which are useful for the content writing and are to be for utilization.

Reference to existing blogs

If any existing blogs is being published then once this blog is written it should be referred to other blogs to see the content written is true to the subject or not. It will help in knowing the negatives of the blog if any and if not the blog is ready to get publish.

Active as a blogger

Once you start writing blogs you should always be present. Google should know that you are alive and writing the contents for them they always keep a check on us and if are active enough google will keep our position up in front of the reader and also being active all the time will make our content writing more efficient.


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