21 Best Work From Home Jobs In 2022 (High Salary Paying Jobs)


You here mean you are searching idea for online jobs and thinking to start work from home. In this post, I am going to reveal my best source of passive income where I work from home and which you can use to generate six-figure of income. 

The book summary of the richest man in napiloan says “if you want to become rich than you have to make multiple sources of income”.  The same summary you will find in many bestselling books like “Rich dad and poor dad”, “Seven habits of successful peoples” and many more.

Some of the online jobs give you wings to fulfil your dream. You can make money while you sleep, travel or work. Many people like me make money online. They also use social media to make money, like you can make money from Facebook. In my case, I make more money from my part-time job than my full time. by the way, I am a software engineer by profession.

The best thing which I like about online jobs is they give you instant relief from your 9-5 job where you have to work too much but at the end of the month you will get fixed of the amount.

Most of the people from countries like united states, England, Germany work from home. Which leads to more productivity. You will save time which you spend to reach office. You will also save money if you stay at home.

And the best thing is you can follow your hobby while working from home side by side.

So, in this post, I am going to share some of the best online jobs. But before starting the Main topic of best work from home jobs lets see some of the important points which you should consider before working online.

Best Work From Home Jobs, Everything You Should Know:

Before starting anything one question, I like to ask you:

Do really want to earn money via working online?

Because working online required passion, patient, consistency and some times working online is boring.

Many people want to do work online because they find some people on YouTube or google who say, making money via working online is very easy.

Let me tell you the truth, it is not.

You have to work hard. In the starting days, you have to work 12,14 hours of the day if you really want success.

Some of the online jobs require your daily appearance where you earn when you work. While in some of the job after setting up process you will also make money when you are not working. 

You have to learn some of the new skills which you need in your online job. There are lots of hustle you will find when you start.

But I can promise one thing.

If you dedicatedly give you 101% in starting 4,5 months in this job you will starting making more money than any full-time jobs. After the year you will make money in six figures.

And your growth will be exponential as compared to normal jobs increments.  

If you ready to sacrifice some months of your life to secure your future and want to travel the world while making money from side business than read this post till the end and choose one idea which you think you can do.

So, without wasting any time let’s see some of the best ideas for work from home jobs.

Best Online Jobs From Home

One thing which I want to clear before sharing any ideas that here none of the jobs requires a huge amount of investment. You can start most of the jobs while investing less the 100 dollars (5000-6000 Thousand in Indian rupee).

so here are top legitimate work from home ideas for making money:

Make Money From Blog And Affiliate: One Of The Best Online Job (My Personal Favorites)

Before starting anything let me show you my first-month income from Amazon affiliate and Google AdSense. 

Here you can see I made more than 300 dollars (more than 20,000 in Indian rupee) in the 2 month itself.

Actually, I earned more than 450 dollars in the first month of blogging via different affiliate and ads junction but I showed only 2 main streams from where all most all bloggers are making money.

You can work 2 hours of the day for your website and make a decent amount of money. Professional Blogger Harsh Agarwal make more than 35,000 dollars in a single month using blog shoutmeloud.com

You can also start your blog and make a full-time carrier in blogging.

I always recommend Affiliate and Blogging if anyone asks for work from the jobs idea.

Below are the simple steps which you need to follow to start your online presence:

#1 Step: find the Niche.

#2 Step: Buy Hosting, domain name and set up your website.

#3 Step : write quality articles

#4 Step: Promote your blog

#5 Step:  Monetize your Blog

In simple 5 steps, you will make thousands of dollars within the next few months. You can create your website using a free platform or paid. But I will recommend you to use paid once, as these platforms come with many features which will help you to save lots of time. also, it is easy to do SEO in paid platforms.  

Don’t worry!!

Starting a website like me, require less than 100 dollars (7000 thousand). Which I think anyone can afford.

Let’s go started:

Find The Niche:

Niche means a particular sector for which you are going to write on your website. Like on my blog you will find most of the post are related to finance, money-making and share market.

The reason for working online and find work from home jobs may be different for everyone. Maybe you want to make some money or want to get free from 9-5 jobs.

In the same way, everyone has a different talent. maybe you are good in mathematics, or you have good knowledge about diet, maybe you are good at finance or SEO, exercise, cross fit etc.

Before starting a website, you have to choose one niche idea. It is one of the most important steps in blogging because you cannot write about something for which you are not passionate.

The best niche ideas are always have 3 combinations:

  1. Your passion
  2. Your skill
  3. You experience

After deciding niche, you can jump to the next step where we are going to buy a name for website and hosting.

Buy Hosting, Domain Name And Set Up Your Website:

Every website has one unique name which you need to buy.

Choosing a domain name requires some expertise. Before buying a domain name, makes sure you keep the following points in mind.

  1. The domain name should have keyword from your niche. Like if you are starting a blog regarding technology then having tech in prefix or suffix of website help you to make rank higher in google search.
  2. Keep short and simple domain name which is easy to remember for your readers.
  3. Extension of domain name also matters a lot. The domain extension should be according to the audience you going to target. Like for Indian audience, I can use .in extension, where as .uk I can use for the United Kingdom.
  4. Avoid using Numbers, date and complex spelling in your domain name.
  5. Availability of the domain also matters a lot. Most of the unique names are already registered by someone else.

After choosing a domain name you have you buy hosting where you will host your blog. I will suggest Bluehost and siteground for hosting purchase.

These two websites have a good client base. They provide 99% uptime which is the most important thing for your website.

After purchasing hosting and domain name you can set up a WordPress website in simple few steps. You can ask your hosting providers also for help.

Write Quality Articles:

Congrats you just started your own website. Now time to write something on a blog and create content which readers like.

if your article is not helpful or boring in reading than no will come to your blog. Google will also not rank your website.

 So, make sure you write quality articles on your website.

If you are not good at copywriting then you can hire someone for writing. You can read some of the books to improve your copywriting.

Writing a blog requires consistency. Make sure you post at least 2 articles in a week on your blog.

After writing 10,15 quality articles we can start our next step which is one of the most important steps in blogging.

Promote Your Blog:

When you lunch any product in the market, they need branding. when you start the promotion of your product than only people will get know about your product.

The same thing happens with your blog.

After writing your article you need to start promoting them on social media, on another blog and many other places.

Promotion of blog needs SEO, Email Marketing, Guest Posting, Email marketing Etc. you will learn this things automatically when you start your blog.

Here I am just giving a brief idea of what you need to start in content promotion.

Monetize Your Blog:

People are coming on your blog. You have a good user base. But you will not make a single dollar until you monetize your blog.

There are lots of way of monetizing blog but 2 famous way are:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate Marketing

Google AdSense is one of the best ways of making money. You have to just add some ads on your blog. Google will start showing ads on your blog. In return of this google will pay you Money.

Another best way of making money from your blog is Affiliate marketing. Whenever you promote any product on your blog and add external link of that product. When user buy that product than that site will pay you commission in return of that. One of the best affiliate websites is amazon.

Other than this you can also use the following methods to earn from your blog:

  1. Guest posting
  2. Product Review
  3. Paid External Link
  4. Feature someone on your blog

So, at the end of this work from job idea, I will say go and buy hosting and domain and start your first website. You can check my details post on Starting blog from zero.

Provide Online Service (Freelancing): Best Work From Home Idea

 If you are looking for online jobs that you can do part-time than this segment is for you. Freelancing is one of the best ways of making money. People make thousands and thousands of dollars by doing freelancing jobs.

Let me show you one payment proof of my friend who is a freelancer.

Yes, he made that amount in just one year. Freelancing job has lots of potentials when it comes to money-making.

The best part is you can do freelancing as a part-time job also. People pay 50,100 dollars for the work which require 30 minutes to complete.

You can provide any type of service in which you are good. When it comes to freelancing let me clarify I am not talking about data entry job or any Ponzi work.

You can use fiver, Upwork or Flexjobs to provide paid online service. In this fiver and Upwork is free and they charge 20% off from your income whenever you get paid for your work.

You can follow this step to make your first profile to provide online service:

  1. Find a platform for freelancing: you have to select a freelancing platform for work. You can choose multiple platforms also.
  2. Setup you first gig: after opening an account with this freelancing website you need to create a gig where you write about your service.
  3. Start promoting your gig: after setting your gig you have to start promoting gig with customers. Some time you have offer customer your service.

I will suggest you use fiver service as they are more helpful in finding jobs for you. So, click on the button below and start your online freelancing journey now.

Build Your Ecommerce Store

one of the biggest misconception people has that they need a proper big factory or they have to manufacture a product if they want to sell something online.

But the beauty of this era is you need only online store for selling a product.

Yes, in this post as I said I will only share those online jobs idea which you can do from home.

The best part of opening the eCommerce store Is you don’t need any college degree. Even people who never went to school can also start their eCommerce website.

Now you will say opening eCommerce website means I have to create a product, sell that product to customer one by one and after that I need to deliver that product, need to collect cash also.

Don’t worry, just follow me. You don’t have to do anything from this. Just you have to help to sell a product which is given to you.

You can ask your local vendors for unique products and list them on amazon or Flipkart.

Other than this you can use one of the trading Ecommerce business idea from which people are making thousands of dollars.

Yes, correct, I am saying about Drop Shipping.

Dropshipping business Is like an affiliate marketing where you have to sell a product which you will get by dropshipping store.

Wondering how to drop shipping model work?

  1. You select a particular niche or category of product to sell.
  2. Open your online store and list all product which you want to sell based on low competition and high margin
  3. Whenever customer place an order drop shipping store deliver and collect money from end-user.
  4. You will get your profit margin

Make sure you keep the following thing remember while starting to drop shipping as an online job.

  1. Always find a niche where you get high margin with less competition.
  2. One of the biggest mistakes which people do is, they go for high margin in starting time only. Dropshipping business needs learning. If you go for a high margin in starting day then you have to face high competition and you will find difficulties in making money.
  3. Before selecting any product make sure you study about your competitors. This will help you to understand the market and targeted audience behaviour.

I will suggest using Shopify for you drop shipping business. They give 14 days of the free trial also. They charge a basic amount which is worth to pay. Shopify will also help you to step up your eCommerce store with premium theme and plugins.

Also, Shopify comes with internal software integration which helps your manage your all order. You can also track placed order, sells, commission, delivery status etc. directly from your dashboard.

Content Writer And Editor

The solution to all problem you will find today on the internet. Research shows that most of the content on the internet is in the form of text. People like you and me love to read.

Every day more than 70 million of the new post is published on google. That is lots of data.

A website like news agencies, job portals, Tech websites, Product review websites needs content writes who can write for their blog.

In return of this, they provide you with some amount of money based on your experience and copywriting.

By just writing and creating articles you can earn easily more than 500-600 dollars in a month. this is one of the best works from home job idea which you can do side by side.

There is a chance you can make extra money if your other native languages like Spanish or French.

You can create your gig on fiver, Upwork for job searching. You can also send emails to websites for content writing. One of the best freelancing writing jobs searching platforms is flaxjobs.

 Start Freelancing work

Digital Marketing

Ok, finally the time of one of the favorite online job which I like personally. In other jobs which I mention till now, you can start with your past expertise also but here you need specific skill sets.

If you want to become a successful digital marketer then you have to treat Digital Marketing as a full-time carrier.

Today lots of business are not growing just because they are not able to grow digitally. Studies shows sector like transport, Real state, Finance etc. are still facing issue to acquire new customers. 

In the last few years, you can find uses of the internet become necessary for people in countries like India.

All thanks to JIO, who made mobile data so cheap. 

Using digital marketing skills, you can help the business to grow exponentially. You can target local vendors and help them to grow online but for that, you have follow some tips which I mention below:

  1. Learn Some specific skill set: Digital marketing is one of the biggest niches where you will find Facebook ads, Google ads, AdWords, SEO, keyword searching, website optimization etc. you have to become a master in one particular subcategory. Becoming a master in running ads and Implementing SEO to websites are demanding skill sets in the market.
  1. Create your portfolio: one no will know what type of services you provide until you have a good portfolio of your work. You have to create one portfolio where you will mention your all skills, your expertise and user reviews.
  2. Pitching clients for work: After having a wonderful portfolio you need to pitch your work to clients. You have to offer clients what you do and how you do. When you show, how you can grow their business especially they will surely ready to pay any fee. you can use Upwork, fiver or Flexjobs for this work. This are the websites where business comes to hire digital marketers.

Online Courses And Teaching

I don’t know about you but I love to read and study anything online. Learning Everything from books and writing on a book is a past method of learning. Now technologies have given us freedom of learning anything from anywhere.

 Learning online is easy and cheap as compare to the old traditional method. Websites like Coursera, udemy and byju’s charges some amount of fee for education.

The whole purpose of saying everything about education and online teaching is giving you one more online jobs idea which you can do from home.

Not only you can take online classes for your student but also you can create courses and upload them on websites like udemy.

You can teach anything which you love if you have expertise in that. If you don’t have any expertise in any area then you can spend some time in learning and acquiring new skill set.

After learning you share your experience and skillsets to others. You can design courses and sell them online. Thinkific is the best platform for an online course where you can create lessons and sell them to a large audience. You should check Thinkific official website which gives you 1 Month of free trial is starting.

Coding And Providing Services Related To Programming Languages

Most of the readers of my website are technically freak. They love technology. Most of them know Coding and Programming. With the coding, I am not saying the person how is ninja developers or hacker. Anyone with some month of experience with programming languages can do work from home online jobs for coding.

The best part this work from home job is you will get paid by the client for hourly work. Whenever you get any work from any client you can charge them per hour for work done.

People charge more than 100 dollars (7000 rupees in India) for an hour. Means you can make Easley more than 40,000-60,000 $ per month if you have work on a daily bases.

Some of the most demanded languages are:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Jquery or javascript
  • Angular js
  • C, C++

Personally, I like javascript and java. You can also hire me for any coding work by using my email id from contact us page.

If you are looking for a job opportunity in the coding field then I will recommend you to make an account on freelancing websites like fiver, Upwork, freelancer or flexjobs.  

Ultimately fiver is the best to pick from the list as they help you to find client according to your need.

Other than this you can use free coding depository website like GitHub to submit your work. People look your work and hire If they like your work.

Video And Audio Editor

Nowadays, video streaming platform like YouTube, TikTok is at the boom. They growing like anything.

6 out of 10 people prefer online streaming application on Television. More than 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. That’s a huge amount of content in the form of video and audio. people watch more than 1 billion hours of YouTube video each day.

With the trend of video streaming platform jobs for video and audio editor is also growing exponentially. Every business wants to advertise their content in the form of video and audio.

Because of this reason they hire professional editors from freelancing websites. 

if you don’t know video editing then you can practice by watching tutorials on youtube or any free platform. You can also use paid platforms like udemy for a learning. In video and audio industry most demanding software which they expect from you to learn is Adobe premiere pro. So make sure you learn to edit on this software only.

You can also make your own youtube chancel by creating video and audio content. Many YouTubers make millions of dollars every month by showing ads on their youtube channel. You can also do a sponsorship for the product.

There is an endless way of making money if you know the video or audio editing. You can make your portfolio on freelancing websites.

After creating a portfolio, you can mail your targeted people for work by showing your previous jobs.  I will suggest you make your profile on freelancing websites.

Social Media Marketing

Now Days, Social media is at boom. People daily use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat for entertainment. People who are famous on social media needs professional peoples to handle their social media account.

You can learn social media marketing from the internet free of cost. Celebrities who are famous on Instagram pays 2000-5000$ for one image editing to social media editors.

This is one of the new online jobs which is getting viral. You can become social media influencer also by promoting products or creating content on social media.

So, this is the best online jobs which you do from home. There is endless work from jobs which you can do. You just need an internet connection and one system for work.

My mainstream of income also comes from the online platform only. I will suggest you also to do online jobs if you are doing any full-time job.

By earning from online jobs, you can full fill your dream. You can go to a club and do a party without worrying about money.

I have mentioned some of the other online jobs which you can do:

  • Youtube
  • Online Fitness trainer
  • Online customer support service
  • Sale executive
  • Network marketing
  • Software tester
  • Stockbroker
  • Graphic designer
  • Some other micro-tasks


Now time to take action. I am already given you idea about online jobs which you can do from anywhere without any college degree.

 the success of making money from the internet is continuous learning and adapting new technologies. If you have any skills set go create your portfolio on fiver and make money by doing work which you love.

Personally, I like to write on a blog, perform micro jobs on fiver and flexjobs and coding. Maybe you are not familiar with coding but what you can do is create your own blog and start making money.

You can choose Bluehost for domain and hosting buy.

So that’s all from my side, now your turn to perform an action. If you have any better an idea for work from online jobs than make sure you comment. You can share this post with family and friends and let them know about the best online jobs idea.



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