Setting up a business can be a very difficult task. It takes a lot of capital and a lot of hard work to set up a business. At times it takes several years to be set it up properly and even a decade to meet the breakeven point. However, what is even more difficult in business is to run an already successful business. It is very often that we see that an already flourishing business can come down crashing in a few months’ time and is no longer visible to the people.

Decision making is therefore one of the most key aspects of running a business successfully. It is very important to learn from the mistakes. By mistakes we do not mean learning from own mistake. In the world of business if you are able to learn from other people’s mistakes then you can save a lot of money for the company.

Breaking the norm:

In this day and age everyone wants to be different from the other one. However there are certain guidelines in businesses all over the world which has been followed for many years and has been branded as successful formulas. While it is a great idea to break the norm and work according to your own style and beliefs yet it is important to understand and respect that these formulas became formulas because it is a tried and tested method which has yielded positive results in the past.

It is a common mistake on the part of many up and coming businessmen that in their bid to break the norm and work in a different manner to the predecessors that they completely lose out on great ideas and methods of execution. Which was built over many years of experience. It is important to phase the changes in correct dozes. Too much change all at once can be counterproductive to the company. Moreover it makes it easier to access the success of the changes when they are made one at a time.
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Market Research

Market research is absolutely the most important thing for your business. Ignoring this can lead your business into a market where the company has no idea who the target consumers are, what are the demands of the market or even know about the competition in the market.  Market research will help you to decide on the right price for your product. With the help of a good team of researchers you can find out how much the target consumers are willing to pay for your product. This helps you to price your product correctly without cutting on your profit margins.

Market research also lets you know what kind of brand image you should build for your product so that your business can stand the test of time and be looked upon as a reliable and safe product.

By Ankit S

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