15 Best Investment Options In India – Double Your Investment In 2020


Choosing Best investment options is always a tricky part. Everyone wants a high return and they want to double their investment as soon as possible without losing any money.

But the truth is Investments are always subjected to market risk. If you need a higher return than you have to choose risky investment plans.

The Golden statement for becoming rich is “Don’t work for money, make money work for you”.

If you really want to be financially independent in your life than the investment is the only option.  You have to start an investment as soon as possible.

The best age of investment is an early stage of your life when everyone is busy in enjoy the life you can save some amount of money for the future. ideally, every person needs to divide their income in 50:30:20 Ratio.

Where 50% of the income he/she can spend on necessary things need to live. 30% for the investment and 20% for personal expenses like a party, travelling and for the enjoyment.

If you start investment from the age of 18 and invest only 5000 of money every month via sip. After the age of 35, you will become Millionaire. I have taken the average rate of return i.e. 14% which is moderate in terms of risk.

After 17 years the principal amount will be 1,02,00000, the profit which you booked is 31670305.15 and the future value of your money will be 41870305.15. That is the power of compounding interest.

Albert Einstein reportedly uses to say “Compound Interest is 8th wonder of the world”.

Best investment advice you will get from a person who is from commerce background or who know finance sector very well.  But most of the CA and Investment farm charges high amount of fee or they take a big percentage of profit if you give your money to them for investment.

So, to solve this problem today I am going to share the best investment options according to your salary, your saving and the time for which you want to invest etc.  

Is It Possible To Double Your Investment Within A Year?

Yes, it is possible. But you have to choose an investment very carefully. Higher returns come with higher risk.

For example, due to coronavirus, the demand for medicines become high. The pharmaceutical company like Cipla, sun pharma, Dr Reddy is making lots of profit.

The stock price of all pharma company become a stock rocket within a month. A company like a sun pharma, Cadila health care given more than 30% of return within 3 months.

In 2019 if you invested 1,00,000 in Bajaj finance stock than at the end of the year you have incremented your investment by 56%. That is a huge profit. Total 56,000 Rupee of increase in a principal amount within the year.

We have lots of examples where people started with a small amount and now, they are a millionaire. Some of the live examples of best investors are Rakesh jhunjhunwala, Radhakishan Damani, Ramesh Damani, Vijay Kedia and many more.

Type Of Investment Plans With Respect To Returns

we have seen the potential of investment and why they are necessary.  Now lets see how many best investment plans are available. But before before starting that let’s categorize all investment plans according to the risk and return which they give.

Usually, investors invest their money according to risk appetite. You can choose your risk-taking capacity and plan your investments.

We will divide all plans in Low risk, Medium risk and Higher risk plans.

Lower Risk With Low Returns

There are many investment plans which give you fixed return irrespective of economic crises, changes in business or loss. The plans with 4% to 8% of annual return come in this category.  This type of investment plans needs higher lockdown period.  

Low-risk investment plans are not subjected to the stock market movement. They are very stable as compare to the Share market. You will get a fixed amount of return after a fixed period.

The biggest advantage of these schemes is you will get your money 101%. But the rate of return which they give with this scheme are not capable to beat the inflation rate.

Government bonds, Gold Bonds, government scheme like PPF, EPF, SCSS, Sukanya Samriddhi, National Savings Scheme and some other post office schemes come under this category.

Medium Risk With Moderate Rate Of Return

Mutual Funds, Investment in the Real state, Debt Funds, Index Funds come under this category. This category is Best and Idol Investment Option for the individual person.

This scheme and plans will give you 8-14% of return per year. With this rate, you can easily beat the inflation rate and grow your money.

Mutual funds are one of the best and Popular modes of Investment. We will take all possible option and compare them one by one. You can choose the best suitable option for your money.

High-Risk, High Return Investment Plans

This type of investment is mainly depended upon Stock market and the movement of majox index in share market. The upper side of return has no limit with the downside of losing your all money.

The investment in stock, Equity, Future option and derivative come under this category. I started my investment carrier with share market and invested 25,000 rupees (350 Dollars). Within a month a lost me all money.


Because just like any other non-individual investor I invested in one company which is going in loss. With the expectation of high return, I invested my all money and company went down.

But with this learning and my past experiences now I am growing my money with the rate of 25-35% on average every month.

I will never advise anyone to invest their money in this type of investment by their self if they don’t have any knowledge of the share market.

So, let’s start all type of investment plans:

Best Investment Plan With High Returns

1. Mutual Funds

One of the best and Easiest way of investment is mutual funds. I think everyone should invest some amount in mutual funds.

The best part is you can invest your money after fixed interval of time i.e. with SIP.

A person having fix income every month should invest their money in mutual funds. A mutual fund is also subjected to market risk.

In Mutual fund, the Amount taken from you is invested in Share market, bond and debt schemes. But the best thing is in mutual fund market expert invest our money. They know better than us.

The chances of losing your money from mutual funds are very low. Some of the famous Mutual funds like axis bluechip fund, ICICI Prudential Blue Chip have 16-21% rate of return in the last 3 years.

Mutual funds are always best for long time investments. You can start your Monthly Investment by 100 Rupee Also.

Paytm Money, Groww app is made for mutual fund investments. They fully serve as mutual fund brokers. You can check any one of the Application.

How to Invest In Mutual Funds with Goww App?

  1. Download Mobile Application of Groww with Given Link.
  2. Now Signup with your Email id or Phone number.
  3. Verify You Aadhar Card, pen Card and Bank Account details
  4. Select any of the mutual funds according to your interest.
  5. Add Money and activate your Mutual Fund.
  6. Add Bank mandate form for automatic deduction of SIP Amount from your bank account.

2. IPO (Initial Public Offering)

If you want to invest your money for not more a month than IPO is one of the best options. Here your money gets locked for 15-20 days.

Initial Public Offering which commonly known as IPO is the period when Company who are first time listing on share market exchanges, offers you discounted price of shares.

If you invested in the right IPO than your investment gets nearly double within a month.

In 2019, IRCTC Launched its IPO with a base price of 315 to 350 rupee per share. Many people invested in this IPO and after 15 days IRCTC IPO Listed on Stock exchange with 644 Rs. Per-share.

Within 20 days investors got 115% of the return. Within the 6 Month, the price of IRCTC Went 1915 Rs. Per-share means more than 600% of the return.

But the choosing right IPO at the right time is tricky. Also, a company with good IPO listing come with lottery bases share distribution because of oversubscription of Buying by investors.   

in 2020, one of the biggest Credit Card issue company i.e. SBI Card listed their IPO but due to Corona Virus, they get a poor response by investors.

In case of SBI Card issue price is high as compare to Listing price. In such cases investors can hold their Shares or they can book lose.

You can use 5Paisa as a broker for the next IPO Application. Other than 5Paisa you can use HDFC Securities, ICICI Direct, Upstox for IPO Investment.

People who are not active traders, they should avoid paying high charges of account opening. 5Paisa is a discount broker and the charges of account opening in 5Paisa is also low. Also the 5Paisa account is free for life time.

That’s why I recommend you to open your account in 5Paisa for IPO investment. 

 Open Free Demat Account

3. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)

we already covered one of the safest investment options i.e. mutual funds in our post.

But there is one type of Mutual fund where you get tax saving option under Section 80C with up to 46,800 Rs.

In Equity Linked Saving Scheme your money will be locked for 3 years(Subjected to Market Change). You can’t withdraw your money before maturity period. If you withdraw you money before maturity period then 1% of penalty will be a charge.

You can start your investment in ELSS scheme with 500 Rs. You can also do SIP if you want to invest regularly. 

Equity Linked Savings Scheme’s come with risk also. As I already said mutual funds are subjected to market risk. But this risk comes with high return too. Normally in Equity Linked Savings Scheme, you will get X2 higher interest rate as compared to fixed deposit and PPF.

The perfect Comparison between all investment plans is covered in the below table.

InvestmentReturnsLock-in PeriodTax on Returns
5-Year Bank Fixed Deposit6% to 7%5 yearsYes
Public Provident Fund (PPF)7% to 8%15 yearsNo
National Savings Certificate7% to 8%5 yearsYes
National Pension System (NPS)8% to 10%Till RetirementPartially Taxable
ELSS Funds15% to 18%3 yearsPartially Taxable

The average return rate of ELSS Funds is between 15 to 18%. But the Risk in ELSS Schemes is also high as compare to other investment options which are mention in above table.

You can use groww Mobile application to invest in ELSS Schemes.

I already covered about account opening procedure in Groww Application in Mutual Fund section.

you have to follow this step to invest in ELSS scheme Via Groww application using your mobile phone.

  • Download Groww Application using given link for extra benefits.
  • Click on Save Tax option after Account verification.
  • Click on Invest in an ELSS fund.
  • Choose Any of the mutual fund from the listing.
  • Choose SIP or LUMSUM investment option.
  • Now Deposit money.

Congratulation you invested your money to grow.

4. Equity/Stocks

When it comes to a higher return on investment, we cannot ignore the Share market. If you can invest your daily fixed time to read market news and to do market research than investment in equity is the best option.

People say you will lose your all money in share market which is 101% true. In the first month of the investment itself, I lost my all money bought by parents for share market investment.

The reason for losing money is without knowing fundamental of investment I started investing in equity. Which is totally wrong.

Before direct investment in equity, you should read and do paper trading for practice. You can also start with a low amount of practice.

If you do intraday day Trading on a daily bases, then you can double your investment on a monthly bases. But intraday is very risky. You can lose you all profit in one day which you booked from last 1 week or vice versa.

If you are not a active investor than I never suggest you to invest in Equities.  Mutual Funds are a better option for those kinds of people.

But if you are ready to take high risk then you can open your Demat account with following brokers.

  • Upstox Review
  • 5paisa Review
  • ICICI direct
  • HDFC Securities
  • Zerodha Review

Upstox and 5Paisa are my personal favourite because of the low brokerage fee but you can choose anyone according to you convince.

5. Health Insurance Plans

Investment in health insurance plans also one type of best investment plans. With the help of the health insurance plan, you can save a high amount of hospital fees and medicine cost by reclaiming.

With the help of a health insurance plan, I saved more than one lakh rupee. I went Kerala for learning and researching purpose during my academic year and bike accident happened.

At that time paying one lakh rupee as a hospital charge is not affordable for me. Also, I was far away from my parents.

Thanks to Health Insurance plan which paid my all hospital bills and medicine expanse. At that time, I understood the benefit of having health insurance.

By investing 6,000 thousand rupees (less than 100 dollars) for a year I saved my 94,000 rupees (Approx. 14,000 dollars).

You can start investing in health insurance plans with 500 Rs. Per month which will give you approximately one lakh rupee of coverage.

During reclaiming health insurance, you need many hospitals document, medicine Bill with GST Charges, x-ray copies and many more things. So, make sure you collect all document from the hospital while discharging.

The insurance company can reject your application for one document also. For shot sure I will write one separate post for Best health insurance. There I will cover  everything about health insurance.

Best Investment Plans For 3 Years

The investment plan which I discussed till now has higher return with no fix time for withdrawal. They have High return with High chance of losing money also. 

Now I will tell you a better investment plan as compare to above in terms of Risk. The Return rate of these investment plans is also high.

6. Short Term Debt MF

Investment in Mutual funds is always safe as compared to any investment options. But most of the cases they don’t give a high return as compare to equity investment.

Debt Funds are one of the types of mutual funds which gives you higher return as compare to normal mutual funds. Here mutual fund companies invest your money in Debt Bonds.

By buying Debt Bonds Mutual fund companies charge a high rate of interest for this bond. The company who borrowed money from mutual funds needs to pay a higher interest rate because of their poor performance.

in a debt fund, you get 8-10% of return per year which is a bit higher than a fixed deposit. You can easily bite the inflation rate with this rate of return.

You can easily start investing in a mutual fund with 500 on a monthly bases. The Best Part is You can also invest Lumpsum Amount for a higher return.

Mutual fund companies like Groww and Paytm Money allows you to invest in this Debt Plan on Monthly Bases.

7. Gold Bonds

When I say Gold bonds you should notice that I am not saying about investing in normal physical gold.

Gold Bonds are the Bonds given to you which have the same price as Gold. The return rate of Gold Bonds is also similar to Normal Gold Return.

Then why I am saying to investment in Gold Bonds are better than Gold?

Followings are points which help you to understand about Gold Bonds and why are they are better options as compare to Direct investment in Gold.

  • Gold Bonds are the substitute for physical gold. It is like having Normal gold in digital form. Generally, gold bonds are issued by RBI on behalf of Government of India.
  • They are very safe as compare to other investment options. The only disadvantages which I feel with gold bonds are they have high locking period.
  • The advantage of Gold bonds over physical gold is you don’t have to pay extra charges like making, Dealer charges. Also, in Some Gold Bond scheme, you get an Interest rate. Like in Sovereign Gold Bond scheme fix 2.5% of interest Provide. This benefits you will not find in Physical gold.
  • Gold Bonds have 11.5% of return rate in past few years which is nearly same as compared to Bonds. We have share Past Price of Gold Vs Equity which shows, gold Bonds are best Investments plans for more than 3 years.
  • Like Mutual Funds, you can not Invest small Amount. The minimum Gold which you have to Buy under this scheme is 1 Gram. Also, you will not get Tax benefits.

I already covered all the benefits which you will get under Gold bond schemes. Now the question is how you can invest in this scheme.

The best option of investment through RBI Website or through a broker. You can open your account in Zerodha, HDFC Securities or ICICI direct to invest in Gold Bonds.

8. Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)

Getting benefits of Insurance Plan and Stock, equity, Debt under one scheme Is the best investment plan. The benefits of having an insurance plan, I already covered under Health Insurance Plan segment.

I also shared my real-life experience of saving more than one lakh by investing 6,000 Rupee in an insurance plan. If you skipped that part then I will recommend you to read that. 

Unlike other insurance, plan Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) offer you Insurance and investment benefits under one product. 

The best part of Unit Linked Insurance Plan is half of money is invested in Insurance plan and rest of the money is invested in Bonds, stock, Debt Funds or hybrid.

If you aggressively invest and choose proper Investment sector under Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) than you will get double-digit of returns.

Some of the Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) plans are also eligible for tax saving options under 80C. read all document before investment and do proper research.   

This is the best option for the person who wants the benefits of 2 things in one product. Many people say Investment in insurance plans are a Bad Idea but I disagree.

Investment in insurance plan is one of the Great decisions taken by me which I also recommend you.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) Gives you the option to invest Monthly or yearly bases according to your convenience.

9. Gold Funds

Unlike Gold Bonds, you can invest and withdraw your money anytime and anywhere with Gold Funds.  Investment in Gold Mutual Funds is always the best idea as compared to investment in Physical Gold.

If you are looking for a short period of an investment than Gold Funds are always best. The average rate of return 14-21% you will get in Gold Funds. Whenever the share market goes down the price of gold Goes Up with gold funds.

In 2020, the average 46% of Return most of the Gold Funds got.  The best part is you can do SIP investment with Gold Funds.

Some of the best performing Gold funds are Aditya Birla sun life Gold Fund, SBI Gold Fund, Nippon India Gold saving Funds, Kotak Gold Fund etc.

The investment in Gold Fund should be done for at least 3 years for good returns. You will not get any Benefits of tax saving under Gold Funds.

But investment in Gold Funds gives you diversification of your investment.

You can invest in any of the Gold Funds using Paytm Money or Groww Application.

10. Safest Investment Plans

Many People ask for the safest investment plan. They need a fixed return every year. The Safe investment plans mean, here you will get 101% of the return of your principal amount. The return will be low but fixed.

This type of investment plans is good for those people who don’t want actively invest their money. They want to invest their money for a longer time of period. I am not a big fan of this type of investment strategy but it is always a good idea to invest some of the money in this form.  

11. Bank Fixed Deposit (FD)

one of the oldest and famous forms of investments is FD. In many countries, people do Fixed deposit on their childbirth for a longer time of period.

Fixed Deposit is one of the best types of deposit. Some amount of money you deposit in your bank account for the maturity period. In return of this bank provide you with a higher rate of interest rate on your money after the maturity period.

The average rate of return in FD you will get is 6-8% normally. This rate is nearly equal to the inflation rate.

In FD you get a higher rate of interest rate as compare to a normal saving bank account. Personally, I like FD as this is one of the safest investment plans. Irrespective of the market moment you get fixed Annual return.

There are some Post office FD plans are available which are the handle of Government of India. You can choose the Post office also instead of a bank for an investing in fixed deposit.

The Disadvantage of investing in Bank FD is you have to wait for a longer period for a good return. Also, you don’t get any tax benefits. If you withdraw your money before the maturity period than a penalty is applicable according to T&C of Bank.

12. Recurring Deposit

The Biggest Disadvantage of investing in FD is you have to invest Lumpsum amount at a time. because of this many people not able to invest a high amount and take Higher return benefits.

RD is the best Replacement of FD. Here you can invest your money in SIP form. You can invest as low as 10rs per month. This type of investments gives you a high return and build investing nature for your.

The Approx. 7% of return you will get in Recurring deposit. If you miss your monthly SIP then Charges will be applied to the next investment amount which is one of the biggest disadvantages which I feel.

13. Post Office Saving Schemes

The biggest benefit of investing in post office schemes are you will get tax benefits under 80c up to 1,50,000 Rs. As well as the interest rate of post office scheme is nearly equal to Fixed deposit i.e. 6-8%.

The post office has a diversification of investment plans. You can choose any of the plans. Investment Plan in Post office is safe because with it comes with the backup of Government of India.

Some of the Famous Investment schemes are:

Small Savings SchemeInterest RateTax Deduction on Investment?Interest Taxable
Post Office Savings Account0.04NoYes
Post Office Recurring Deposit0.072NoYes
Post Office Monthly Income Scheme0.076NoYes
Post Office Time Deposit (1 year)0.069NoYes
Post Office Time Deposit (2 years)0.069NoYes
Post Office Time Deposit (3 years)0.069NoYes
Post Office Time Deposit (5 years)*0.077YesYes
Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)0.076NoYes
Public Provident Fund (PPF)0.079YesNo
Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana0.084YesNo
National Savings Certificate0.079YesNo
Senior Citizens Savings Scheme0.086YesYes

14. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

If you are a salaried person then maybe you know about PPF. Many companies cut some of the parts of salary for PPF.

The Rate of interest rate in PPF is higher as compared to Banks. The return is tax-free under 80C.

It is also one of the safest investment plans which you need to do. PPF comes with 15 years of the lock-in period. Before 15 years you cannot withdraw your money. After 6 years you can withdraw your money partially.

The average rate of return in the PPF plan Is around 7.9%. The PPF is beneficial for a longer period horizon.

As the PPF plan is regulated by the Indian government therefor the return of PPF is secure.

How To Choose Best Investment Plan?

The best thing about you is, you want to invest and grow your money. You have taken one step towards your finical freedom.

You landed on my blog in search of the best investment plan. So, it is my job to help you to find the best investment option for you.

Many people Struggle in choosing a suitable investment plan for them. Every person has a different source of income, saving and expenses. 

May be for Person A mutual fund is the best investment option and for Person B Golds Bond.

So, it is must to understand your need and then choosing the right plan. We have covered some tips and factors which will help you choose an investment plan for you.

1. Purpose Of Investment

You should always have Clear vision and reason for investment. you are investing to secure future, for a retirement plan, for child education, marriage or else.

This will help you to understand your need, period of investment, risk-taking capability etc.

2. Period Of Investment

Before you invest you should have a clear understanding of time for which you want to invest your money.

You can calculate the period of investment for money on the bases of one factor “how much time you can survive without your investment amount?”

I will suggest, always divide your money into 3 parts.


  1. investment Money for Longer period
  2. Investment money for a Short period
  3. Emergency Fund.

3. How Much Risk You Can Take?

The risk-taking ability defines the rate of return which you are going to get. More risk means more return or Loss and Less risk means less return or less loss.

Risk-taking ability is different from person to person. Men with a salary of 50,000 can afford to lose 25,000.

But the person with the fixed income of 20,000 can not afford to lose any money.

The best investment strategy will be:

  1. Take High Risk for Longer period
  2. Take Low risk for a short period of investment.

Here High Risk means investment in stocks, Equity, Mutual fund, Debt fund etc.

Fixed Deposit, Post office schemes, PPF are low-risk investment options.

4. Expected Rate Of Return

By knowing the purpose of investment, a period of investment and risk-taking ability you can easily understand how much rate of return you should expect?

  • High the risk for longer period: Higher rate of return
  • Low the Risk for longer period: Lower rate of return.

The problem with induvial investors is they invest they are whole money in the high-risk investment plan. In the expectation of high-interest rate and they start losing their money.

You should always go for 10-14% of the return of investment for your money which you can not afford to lose. If you think you can afford some amount of risk and do market research then I will suggest opening Demat account for direct investments in the share market.   

Some of the best Demat accounts are:

  1. Zerodha Demat Account
  2. Upstox Demat Account
  3. 5paisa Demat Account
  4. Angel Broking Demat Account

5. Analyzing Fund Manager

When I am saying analyzing fund manager means doing research about investments option before investing your money. you should check all risk factor, advantages, the chance of losing money, Past history etc.

Power Of Compounding: Make Real Money In A Longer Period

Are you ready to do some maths?

This part of the post is going to be super fun and crazy.

I am going to share 8th wonder of the world according to Albert Einstein.

Yes, you are right we are going to see the magic of compound interest and how it will help you to become rich.

If today you able to understood this simple mathematic then I promise you are going to be x100 rich in future if you implement correctly.

So, let’s play one game.

You have two options:

  1. Either you choose 1 Rupee which is going to be double every day for one month i.e. 1,2,4,8………. In this manner for one month.
  2. Or 10,00,00,000 rupees of one month. here your amount will be constant for one month.

You have 10 second choose one option with proper reason.

If you have chosen option B then my dear friend you lost 97,00,00,000 of the rupee.


Let me show a simple mathematics:

DaysOption 1Option 2

How did it happen?

That’s the power of compounding.

if you want to become rich you should start with any amount just now for a longer period. mutual funds are the best example of compounding magic.

If you invest a small amount of money in the form of a sip or a lump sum for 20,25 years then after the maturity period you will be a millionaire.

There is no shortcut to becoming rich. Choosing the right investment plan as soon as possible in your life is very important.  


I Think Best investment options Blog post helps you to understand all investment options available in India.

Personally, I suggest Mutual fund, Gold Fund for investment. But your need will be different.

I have explained all the factors and plans which you should consider before investing. I hope you liked this post.

If you have any question or better investment plan then comment on us. We will surely help you.

Share this post with your family and friends and let them know about different investment option available in India.



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