11 Proven Ways To Earn Money Online 2022 – No Scam


Here is the Deal:

I will tell you what exact method which i followed to Earn Money Online.

It all started with Bitcoin.

During the 2017 Ending, I starting reading some book about how to grow money?

After reading many books my final mindset which is made by many authors is, I have to make passive income.

According to me best way of making passive income is to learn about How to earn money online.

It took me only one month to start generating money online in India just because at that time cryptocurrency is trending.

But after Cryptocurrency one of the biggest questions which I starting facing is what now?

How I will make money by doing a part-time job. Is there any way of making money online?

But thanks to Google where I found and implemented some idea with which I started generating some handsome amount of money.

In fact, currently, when you are reading this post, I am making money via ads using my website.

You also want to know the exact idea which I followed for making money online?

Then read this post till the end, I will share some of the personal methods which I am using for making money.

At the end of this blog, I will also share my personal bounce tips which you can use to double your earning using the following method.

But before starting anything let me tell you another side of the coin.

It is not easy to make online. You have to learn every day. There is no secret recipe which you will follow and start generating lakhs of rupees from next month.

The best part of making money online is, you can build an online empire where thousands of people can connect with you.

In the long term, you will generate a good amount of passive income while enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

 Important: All Above Calculation is done based on Estimated IRR, which may defer from actual Bank interest rate. 

But here in this post, I am going to share Ideas which require learning, hard work and patients. If you will learn this skill the believe me you will make lakhs and lakhs of money in every month. Maybe you will quite your 9-5 Job and do full-time work from home and still live a happy life compare to your colleagues. 

If you are really serious of making money online then you should have at least One Laptop or Desktop or any system of work, Internet connection and a small amount of money if needed (Not More than 2 or 3 thousand in starting).

So, Let’s See How you will Make Money Online in India.

Best Passive Income: Blogging To Make Money Online

One of the best things of the internet is it connects people via sharing your knowledge to others via a blog.

Like me!!

You are reading my post and seeing many ads by google or affiliate. For these ads, publishers like google AdSense pay money to me. you can find my adsense first month earning below in screen shot:

Not only by showing ads I make money. I use affiliate marketing which is also one of the best ways of making money online. I will talk about this later in this post.

For Blogging, you need just one laptop, internet and Lost of writing skills.

If you have these things and you are ready to learn new things then you can invest

2000 rupee for Domain and hosting which is required to run your blog.

It takes somewhere around 3,4 months to start generating money via your blog. Google takes time to rank your website. But when the website starts ranking you will make start making money while sleeping also.

You have to adapt the following skills, which also help many other businesses to grow online:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Copy Writing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Learning many other things which are must to run a blog.

you can check our Step by step Guide on Starting a blog.

Share Market: Risky But Effective Way Of Making Money

As I already said most of the methods which I am going to share here will require investment less 2000 thousand in starting.

But in Stock Market Trading you can start with any handsome amount. More the money more you will get a return

In starting day of trading, I invest 25 Thousand rupees in share market and do you know how much I made?

Zero, infect my 25 thousand become 4 thousand within a month just because of wrong practice which I did.

It has been 2.5 Years while trading and now I am making 30-50% of the return of money which I am investing in share market per year.

Choosing perfect stock for your portfolio is an art which requires practice. So I will suggest you start with a very low amount and focus the mind for learning the basic of the stock market.

For stock market trading you can use Zerodha, 5Paisa or UPStox.

After making an account you can start trading on daily bases also. It is one of the fastest ways of making money online.

Sell Service Or Product Online

There are dozens of product or services which you can offer online to a customer in India and make money online.

This is one of the best and most profitable ways of making money if you have a product or startup idea.

India is one of the biggest market places for online service and most of the people are still not using it.

Many people make Millions of money by providing online service. For example, if you are good in writing then make a portfolio and start digital markets or news agencies of writing work.

Currently, in-market, people charge 1000-2000 rupee for writing 1000 word of the article. you can also write and earn money on Fiver site.

If you know any other service which you can take online then you will make a good amount of money on monthly bases.

Find your passion and start selling your service online today itself.

Earn Money Online By Uploading Video On Youtube

Making money from youtube is not an easy task but people make Millions of rupee from youtube. Youtube is the best platform how can record, edit video on a regular base.

Akash chanchlani, Techincal Guru Ji (Gaurav Chaudhary) and Bhuvan bam are some of the famous Indian individual YouTubers who make lakhs of money from their youtube channel.

You can make money from youtube doing two things:

  1. Create Funny or Entertainment channel
  2. Create Educational video on a particular niche

This type two type of video or YouTubers become very popular on youtube.

Although it is not the easiest way of making money but Many people’s are making money from youtube.

In future, I am going to write Full detailed article About making money on youtube. So make sure to follow our blog.

Become A Freelancer: Best Part Time Job For Online Money Earning

As I already said the best part of the internet is it connects people from all over the world. Every day billions of people come online and use the internet to find the solution to the problem which they are facing.

A person may be facing issue regarding code which he doesn’t know.  But you love to code or you know how to code.

Here you can help that person via solving the issue he is facing. In return, you will get money for which you both agreed.

Some are applied for designing, video editing, SEO, copywriting, Voice Over etc. just you need to learn a particular skill.

You can use Fiver or freelancer websites to provide your service. 

I personally use fiver because of the Popularity and the Easy working place. You have to follow just a few simple steps to start providing online service.

  1. Create Account on Fiver or Freelancer
  2. Create a Gig for your service. Use Proper description of your product or service which you are going to provide. Using Good image or video help you get a better rank.
  3. Pitch directly to clients and ask for work.
  4. Holaa !! When you get your First Order, complete the Order within a given time.
  5. Conguratilion you earn your first online money. You can withdraw this in your PayPal account.
  6. Make Sure you ask for a review. This help for profile Authority. It will also help you to rank high in the search result.

If you don’t have any skills than starting I will suggest investing your 2,3 month first in learning. There are many websites which help you acquire the skills which you are looking for.

Use Affiliate Marketing To Earn Money Online

80% of the income for any successful blog comes from Affiliate marketing which he or she runs.  Affiliate marketing is one of the best and High paid way of making online.

In 2017, I started teaching everyone about cryptocurrency. I also wrote one detailed article where I showed how you can make money while mining bitcoin.

For bitcoin mining, I suggest some miners from amazon. More than 3 People Bought that miners from amazon and from that single article I earn more than 100 dollars within a month using affiliate marketing.

I know many people who make money using affiliate marketing and don’t have any blog. They use Facebook or other social media platform for affiliate link.

You can also create Facebook ads of a Facebook group where you can share affiliate links for direct commission.

It is like you are helping eCommerce websites for product sale and you are getting a commission in return of that.

Online Coaching Classes

 A website like unaccedmdy, udemy offer you to teach others online. You have to just record video and upload it.

This is the best method because it is a one-time investment which you have you make. If you teach in detail for a particular topic many people will join your course and will start paying. 

People like you and me teach people on unacademy and earn more than 25 thousand per month easily.

You can also take online webinar which is the next level of teaching. The webinar is usually used to attract student towards your course.

Start Your Online Store (Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Facebook Market Place)

As I already said selling a product online is the biggest profitable business I ever saw. But the problem with an online store is you need a product with you to want to sell.

For this, you have to buy the product from retailers in bulk for margin of sale or you have to manufacture the product by your self.

It requires lots of time and money investment. Which I will not suggest for beginners.

Shopify and woo-commerce are the online platforms same as a Facebook marketplace which helps you to create your online shop. Everything from manufacturing to delivery they will do.

Just you have to give sale for a product. I am going to share a special link which will give your days of free trial for Shopify.

Yes, this platform charges some fee for maintains and installation on yearly bases.

You have to just follow the steps which are given below:

  1. set your online Shop. I will suggest using Shopify.
  2. Find a perfect and profitable niche. Select the product with high margin and less competition.
  3. After this, you have found a customer. You can run ads using Facebook ads or google ads.

Earn Money From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

If you ask me the endless way of making money from any platform then only one name which I will say is social media.

People who are popular on Instagram, Facebook or any social media charge thousands of rupees for a single post. Celebrities like Virat kholi charge 1.5 crores for single Instagram post.

I have already written a post about how to make money from Facebook. I will suggest you read that post also. In that post, I shared more dozens of way of making money from Facebook only.

Many businesses who need people opinion pay directly to admins to post-survey links. In the same way, if you are a fashion or fitness, the tech-related blogger then you can also share your affiliate links to your social media handles.

The best part is you can manage and grow your social media while doing other activity also. But Growing your followers on social media requires patient and constant efforts.

Now you can use TikTok also to promote anything via video. People on TikTok and make money using these methods.

Make Money By Consulting

The Golden rule for becoming your own boss is you have to acquire knowledge in a particular domain.

If you have knowledge in a particular domain then you can implement this knowledge in the real world and make money.

But what other than this?

You can educate other people also about the thing which you know. No matter what you know. It may be Programming language, business teaching, growth hacking or SEO.

You have to teach and share your experience with your student or client. In return, people share more than a thousand buck for a single hour.

The best part is you don’t have to need any classes or setup. You can start this with a phone call or skype.

Teaching requires lots of knowledge but it is not like you need expertise in that domain.

You just knowledge which is 4 to 5 Times with client or student knowledge.

If your communication skill is good and impressed you the client in first time meeting then he or she will become your lifetime customer.

Buy And Sell Domain Names

Buy and selling domain names is one of the popular ways of making money. A domain name is a Name Given to particular Ip address for the website. For example for google, Google.in is a domain name.

For a similar way my website domain name you can check-in URL.

In online market domain name for any online business is the most important thing. It gives brand name, identity to your business.

You can buy a domain name in less then 1000 Rupee if it is available then sell to someone in lakh to crore rupees.

For example, privatejet.com domain is bought by business in 30 million which is equal to 201 crores.

Selling domain name is similar to selling a product online. The domain name with an attractive name has high demand in Marte. You have to a little bit tricky and smart to dive in this business.

You can also sell your website for rent if you have a good amount of traffic on your website with good SEO score.

Many people Prefer Expired domain name rather than buying a new domain name and start building a brand from scratch.

You can list your domain name on the flip website. Where they will help you to sell your domain name. in return, they charge 10-15% commission for each domain.


Now time for action. Choose one method which you seem most interesting.  Without starting anything you will not make any money.

Personally, I like blogging and affiliate for making money online. They are an endless way of earning money from online but Blogging is my favorite. I like to write and share my knowledge with everyone.

I will also suggest you start something. Investing in share Market is also one of the best of making money. But Share market will make you money if you play and invest time for long term only.

Rather than this idea of earning money from online in India if you know anything than please comment on your idea in the comment section. you can also check our Work from Home Jobs which you can start now.

Make sure you are sharing this post with your family and friends and let them know about this idea which they can also start with you.

Cheers !!


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