Indian Cities With amazing Night Life

Indian culture and traditions make it famous all over the world. There is, however, a new side to the ancient world, and that is its colorful nightlife that thrives in cities. As the business culture grows and every second young person, bars, discotheques, lounge, music concerts and healthy restaurants have found their way to India’s Gen Y. Care nightlife to get the same taste? Here is our list of top cities in India where you can go to a great party:-

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Goa
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Chandigarh


Delhi night party

If nightlife means more than just clubing and party, then Delhi is your city. The Indian capital has something of all tastes, budget, age, and attitude. Greater Kailash, Connaught Place, and Hauz Khas Village offer the best nightclubs in Delhi, from comfortable pubs to light bars. Karaoke fan, or do you wish to party in style or are you looking for something unusual and fun? Delhi has just about everything you desire. The city is capable of removing the Monday Blues and transforming the mood into fun, fun, and crazy. Spend your night visiting the famous monuments (one of the best things you can do in India) and indulge in an Indian party house, Delhi.

Top nightclubs: Toy Room, Kitty Su, Keya, Summer House, House A, and Social Offline.

Famous For: It is famous for its gardens, vegetable houses, and unique sites that are found nowhere else on the continent.

Things to do: India Gate, Mocha Art House, Blue Bar, Murthal. Lachha Paratha, Pandara Road, JNU, Club Pangaea, Patel Chest.


Mumbai Night life

Mumbai, the city of lanterns, the locals here, know for sure how the party is done. The hardworking and dedicated city you see in a day takes a 180 degree turn as the sun sets. Mumbai is sleepless, the chaos of the day turns into nightclubs. “Dream City” immerses everything in its color and focuses on the best nightlife in India. A magnificent mixture of hope, splendor, culture, modernity, squalor, and hope. Mumbai has many nightclubs, it is the center of arts and culture, music, theater and dance. The city is a blessing at night with amazing views and, loud enough to set up a banner of, “what entertainment should it be?”.

Top nightclubs: Tryst, Hitchki, BKC Dive, Wink, Vortex, Club Sirkus.

Famous for: UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Elephanta Caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, and a unique combination of Victorian architecture and Art Deco.

Things to do: Go for a night bike ride, have Bachelor’s ice cream, take a trip to Carter Road, visit Marine Drive, relax on Juhu Beach, dine at Bademiya, enjoy live music events, go-go Smash karting.


Goa Night Club

Although Goa is the smallest province in India, it is certainly the best, when it comes to party. Named the “capital of India party”, Goa has several nightclubs, beaches, and beach bars as well as India’s best nightlife town. Preparing for almost the highest number of concerts throughout the year and international festivals, Goa is the best animal party destination for you. Careful music, unlimited alcohol, and neon lights, the city has all sorts of nightlife you can imagine. The saying goes, “Whatever happens in Goa, stays in Goa”, from trying your luck at casinos to visiting various night markets, is really the meaning of nightlife. You get to see the best beaches of India and get the ultimate experience to enjoy, visit Goa to discover the fun.

Best nightclubs: Tito Club and Club, SinQ Nightclub, Cafe Mambos, LPK Waterfront, Kamaki, Shiva Valley, UV Bar, and Cape Town Cafe.

Popular: Strong Beaches, Exciting Water Sports, Solid Seafood, Carnival Fun, Cruise Exterior, Nightclubs and amazing nightlife.

Things to do: Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Casino Pride, Anjuna Flea Market, Silent Noise Club, Leopard Valley, Agonda, Firefly Goan Bistro Bar, Club Cubana, and Tito’s Street.


Night Life in Bangalore

The highlight of Bangalore is its nightlife, there are monuments and more. It is a national IT center and has some of the best nightclubs in India. For party animals, the city has venues such as Orpus, High Ultra Lounge, Athena, and more suitable for you. Named the “Garden city Of India”, Bangalore is home to the worst party in India. There are an endless number of places to drink alcohol and it will surely surprise you. While in the city you can also check out the nearby beaches, to get an attractive night experience. It says, the nightlife of Gokarna is amazing. Bangalore is a place for those who wish for a party and wish for an endless supply of grooves.

Top nightclubs: No Limmits Lounge and Club, Skyye, The Byg Brewsky, Ice Bar and Teppanyaki, and Loft 38.

Famous for: Being Silicon Valley of India.

Things to do: Night Party, enjoy Bangalore’s Late-night Restaurants, taste Bangalore’s Street Grubs, go Night Trek, take a road trip, visit Nature Camping, enjoy Live Gigs, Get in the Drive inside. City.



Want a glorious night? Hyderabad is your place. Nightlife in the city promises an amazing time with several clubs, lounges, and discos. 99 Mhz, Touch, F bar, Under Deck are many of the best places to experience a glowing night. Great music, check it out! Delicious cocktails, check it out! Dance your heart, check! Tick all categories to get the perfect night. The city of Nawabi India will be surrounded by professionals as, it is also an IT hub, and do not forget the beautiful place to experience the nightlife of India. Exercise yourself on a healthy night.

Best nightclubs: Amnesia Lounge Bar, 10 Downing Street, Dock Forty Five, SKYHY, Block 22, Beach House, Mustang, and Over the Moon.

Famous: Its monuments, which include beautiful Charminar art and Golconda castle.

Things to do: Go-Karting, Late Night Dinner at Coco’s Bar & Grill, enjoy Late-Night Coffee at the Moonshine Project, Capture the Cityscape from Moula Ali Hill, Shop at the Begum Bazaar, Experience Charminar in a Different Light, and Long Road Route.


Chandigarh pubs and more

Do you wish to be powerful, mysterious and frisky? There is no better place than Chandigarh for you. The whole world knows the power, vitality, and natural apathy of the Punjab people, and Chandigarh shows why he is among the top 10 cities for nightlife in India. No matter where you roam in India, Punjabi music will always dominate, when it comes to parties. What better place to enjoy, than a vibrant city itself? With its many nightclubs, beautiful souvenirs, and bright crowds, Chandigarh is your home with amazing tourist attractions in India. If a party is your thing, and if not, there are a few other things that can be done at night. Exploring the city, and sightseeing can name a few.

Best nightclubs: Score Lounge Bar Night Club, Tamzaraa Club, Buzz, Piccadilly’s Blue Ice, Poison, and Rendezvous Bar & Night Club.

Famous for: Chandigarh Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Elante Mall, Timber Trail, and Chandigarh Rose Garden.

Things You Can Do: Sukhna Lake- Take A Boat, Leisure Valley- Escape to Nature, Elante Mall- Shop, Fun City- Have a Fun Day, A Fragrance Garden – Witness the Beauty, Tagore Theater – Take a Cultural View and Drama, sightseeing in Chandigarh- Worth Exploring, and Nik Baker’s- For the Sweet Tooth.

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