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Leh is the capital of the largest trade union city in Ladakh, India.It is located in the Leh region, was also the historic capital of the Ladakh Empire, with its seat at Leh Palace, the former residence of the Ladakh royal family, built in the same way and at the same time as the Potala palace in Tibet.The Leh is at an altitude of 3,524 meters (11,562 ft), and is connected by National Highway 1 to Srinagar in the southwest and Manali in the south via the Leh-Manali Highway.

Ladakh is a unique place.The Beauty of Leh Ladakh cannot be expressed in words. A visit to Leh Ladakh can be a great experience as these places have an abundance of natural beauty. There are plenty of attractions in Leh Ladakh, full of exquisite beauty. Ladakh, with its unique blend of Indian, Tibetan, and Buddhist Linings, is a must-visit.

So,if you are planning to go leh ladakh then you should see the list below some of the famous places in ladakh:

  • Zanskar valley.
  • Magnetic hill.
  • Rohtang pass.
  • Tiger hill.
  • Pangong.

1.)Zanskar Valley :

The village of zanskar is one the most attractive and best place to visit in Leh Ladakh and is the best tourist destination in Ladakh. It is one of the most devastated places in the Himalayas. The tall snow-covered plains show the sky in the sky. The tributaries of the Zanskar River are one of the most famous river rafting sites in India. The most interesting places in Zanskar, Ladakh are among the must-visit places in Leh Ladakh that you cannot miss while in Ladakh!

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit Zanskar is between june and september when the road is clear from snow and the temperature is also moderate. The critical time is closed due to severe snow and winter.

Location: Leh-Ladakh

2.)Magnetic Hill:

The Magnetic Hill is one of the best place in Leh Ladakh. The science of this phenomenon is unknown but it has been observed that if you leave your car on the sidewalk with the brakes unlocked, it will begin to climb a steep slope on its own. Magic? Certainly not. They are simply the superpowers you find when you get to this place. Thus,because of this Magnetic Hill should be in your list if your planning to visit Leh Ladakh.

Best Time to Visit:Here the best time to visit is between May to September.

Location: Ladakh, India

3.)Rohtang Pass:

Rohtang Pass is one of the most popular glaciers in Ladakh that is frequently visited by tourists for thought-provoking views and comes to the top of the Ladakh hiking trail and passes through narrow streets under harsh weather conditions. Those who want to have a good time often find it difficult to feel the cold, self-sacrificing spirit that seeks happiness. We serve as the link between the Kullu Valley and Lahaul and the Spiti Valley.

Entry fee: NA

Time: NA

Location: Passing is approximately 51 kms from Manali and you can reach the pass by taking the Leh- Manali Highway.

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit Rohtang pass is between May to September.

4.)Tiger Hill:

Tiger Hill is one of the highest places to see in Ladakh located in the Kargil sector.The Tiger hill holds the immense memory of the Indo-Pak war of 1999.The view from the top of tiger hill is just so magnificient which as a view of valley,and the big mountains with cold climate throughout the year.Tiger hill is the perfect place if  you are planning to enjoy the most popular adventures in Ladakh.

Location: Leh-Ladakh

Best time to visit:The Best time to visit is between March to September.

5.)Pangong Tso Lake:

Do you remember the amazingly beautiful pool from the 3 Idiots where Kareena Kapoor confessed her love? It is Pangong Tso, a reservoir in the Leh Ladakh tourist resort located on the Changtang plain east of Ladakh region. The lake offers a great camping site and is a place where everyone makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Ladakh. To avoid crowds, you can visit this place during the off-season!

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit is between June to September for pangong Tso Lake.

Location:Leh, Ladakh, India

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