Best Places To Visit In Kerela:

Best Places To Visit In Kerela:

God’s Own Country, Kerala has some of the best tourist attractions in the world. There are hill stations, backwaters, commercial cities, villages, and much more you can explore. The rich culture and heritage combined with some of the best places to visit in Kerala attract crowds from all over the world.

Once you have entered the beautiful paradise, all other things seem insignificant. Most municipal cities are green compared to Kerala in beauty. Ideal for family holidays, love holidays, and honeymoon, here are some of the best tourist destinations in Kerala, which should be part of your travel plan.

The tourist attractions in Kerala get better once you understand what the place is all about. While you may wonder where all of them will go in the beautiful world, knowing a few of the best ones is certainly helpful before a visit. So, scroll down to find out about the best places to visit in Kerala and what awaits you in this beautiful setting. The clash of hill stations, temple cities, rear waters and lakes will simply amaze you:

  1. Munnar.
  2. Wayanad – The Land Of Heavenly Trails.
  3. Varkala – One Of Kerala’s Most Scenic Seasides.
  4. Ponmudi – The Golden Peak.
  5. Cochin – Major Port City.


Munnar is the best popular railway stations in kerala. Munnar is one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala for a 2 day trip. Once the British capital of summer, Munnar’s sightseeing attracts tourists from all over the world. With nearly 80,000 miles of tea garden, an equal proportion of aromatic plants, fog valleys, and cloudy skies, Munnar is a mountain station that has become one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala for a wedding holiday.

Beautiful bungalows, comfortable accommodation and luxury hotels and resorts in Munnar, make it a very romantic place even among the top places you can visit in Kerala. The colonial feel of the old world has its own charms and certainly makes a good drive for the photo you took. Enjoy a unique combination of luxury and beauty, at the amazing honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

Things to Do: Resort, Kolukkumalai – Tea Estate Tours, Echo Point – Camping And Trekking, Eravikulam National Park – Extra Spot Types.
Appropriate Time: 2 nights / 3 days.
Best Time to Visit: October to March.


Wayanad means land of paddy fields in Malayalam. Wayanad is one of the greenest tourist destinations in Kerala. Mixed with godly beauty, tranquility, and rich culture, the Wayanad tour is a perfect blend of man-made nature and heritage. After all, the area is famous for its rich cultural, cultural, and ethnic heritage. The small, unnamed waterfalls, which line the city at random, add to the beauty of the landscape. Home to some of the world’s most lush vegetation, Wayanad is one of the many jungle attractions you can visit in Kerala.

Things to Do: Kuruva Island: Enjoy Bamboo Rafting, Pookode Lake: Enjoy Boating, Camping: When The Hills Calls You, By Bike: Walk Around The City.
Accurate Time: 1 Night / 2 Days.
Best Time to Visit: October to May; hikers should visit during the rainy months of July and August to enjoy the benefits of hiking and other leisure activities.


Varkala is one of the most beautiful seas on the coast of Kerala. The attractive coastline with boulders on one side and greenery on the other attracts thousands of visitors and lovers of seawater entertainment. It is famous for activities such as boating, surfing, parasailing, jetting, horseback riding and sea life. The incomparable beauty of the sea is at its peak at sunset. Colorful hues create a surreal atmosphere. Add a dash of luxury by choosing from rare seaside resorts in Kerala, near Varkala and you’re ready.

Varkala is also an important religious site in Hindu culture. Adorned with numerous Hindu temples, it welcomes many pilgrims and lovers of treasures in its missions with open arms. With so much in one city, Varkala really deserves to be among the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala.

Things to Do: Water Sports: Have Fun, Varkala Cultural Center: For a Tips to Experience, Yoga: Relax, Local Food: Manage Your Tastebuds.
Accurate Time: 1 Night / 2 Days.
Best Time to Visit: August to mid-May.


If you are a child of the mountains and wish to lose yourself among the hilly hills, then the Ponmudi hills are your place. This is one of Kerala’s most famous landmarks for tourists and hikers, as there is so much to explore! With so many narrow winding roads, the Poovar area looks surreal. The tea gardens found around it add beauty to its beauty.

Appropriate Time: 1 day.
Things to Do: Enjoy scenic views, Click Images.
Best Time to Visit: All Year Round.


Cochin is the largest port city in the world. Named lovely the Queen of the Arabian Sea, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kerala that has always been on the bucket list of travelers. It is a perfect blend of local flavors and modern ideas, to offer the best for its guests. Backgrounds, beaches, traditional spice markets that are a short walk from Cochin have made their way into the list of things you can see and feel in Cochin.

Accurate Time: 1 Night / 2 Days
Things to Do: Click Photos, View, Try Local Food, Shopping
Best Time to Visit: July to April.


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