In this post, I am going to share the best 21 Network Marketing Companies or MLM Companies in India.

With the help of this MLM Companies, you can make more than Lakhs of Rupee per month. The Best Thing which I liked about this business module is, you can do this Work with your Normal Job.

Yes, you can do Multi-level Marketing job as part-time work and still Make Huge Amount of Money from this. Infect My Uncle work in one of the MLM Company and Make more than 50 Thousand per month by doing work in Free Time.

But Making Money with All MLM Company is Not Easy. Most of the Company in India are Either Fraud or they are doing Scam just Like Most of The MLM Companies do.

So, in this post, I will share the best 21 MLM Companies which you can join and make some money in your Free Time.

We Already shared Some of the Best ways of Making Money. You can visit any of the Post if you want to make money online.

So, without wasting Time Lets see our 21 best Network Marketing Companies.

21 Best MLM Companies In India

Almost everyone in India wants to start its Business. But the problem is most of them don’t have Money or Idea for Business. If you have money and looking for a Business idea then I will suggest to ready our small-scale business idea posy. With the help of this post, you will get an idea of some amazing and lost cost business ideas which you can start today. You can also take Business loans if you need in starting.

But if you are looking for a job which you can do part-time in India then MLM Business module is best for you. Infect most of the people in India do MLM Job as a Full-time Job and Make more than Lakh of a rupee per month.

You are Here meaning you are also interested in MLM Business. Here you will find some amazing and trusted Companies which you can Join to Make some Real money.

But before Joining any company Make sure you do your own Homework. Make sure you Check Past history of that company. The product which company is selling should be the most selling product in the Market. Other then this make sure you also check founder and CEO history of that Company.

You can visit the official website of the Company before Joining any company. I will give Link of Each company in this post.

So, Let see Our First Company in this post. In this List, all Companies are arranged in random order. We just added is companies as we found them in this post.

1. Amway India

I will start my list with one of the oldest MLM company in India i.e. Amway India. It is not an Indian Company but Most of the Indians are associated with Amway India.

It was founded in 1959. According to the official website of Amway India, they made more than 1800 crore of profit last year.

Most of the Product which Amway India sell belongs to Health or Food section. On the sell of each product, you will get 6% to 21% of commission which varies from product to product.

The best part of Amway India is it is free. You can Register on Amway India without any fee. Also, the company is one of the trusted MLM Company in India.

After filling Registration Form and Giving Necessary documents your account will be approved within a 24 Hours. After that, you can refer your friends and family to buy the product. Based on Monthly sales you will get commissions.

Visit official website of Amway India

2. Herbalife

Herbalife is the Second most loved Networking company in India after Amway India. Most of the Product from Herbalife belongs to the health sector which is made of herbs and Fruits.

You need to Pay 60 dollars for Joining Herbalife Company. When you Join Herbalife Company you will get a discount of 25% on each product of Herbalife. These products are not available on generals’ stores, so you can sell this product to your friends and others and earns some % of commission on each product.

The Best Part is all of the Herbalife products are sold by their associates. So, the competition of selling product is very Low.  You can also Make Money by Sponsoring others.

Visit official website of Herbalife

3. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is one of the Famous MLM Company Present in India. It is an Indian company established in 2013 in Chennai.

The company operates in the lifestyle sector. Most of the products sold by Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited as approved by Ministry of Ayush.

The Company Belongs to one of the profitable business in India. Currently, the company Makes more than 1500 Crore of profit per year according to the official website of the company.

The thing which I liked about Mi Lifestyle is no registration fee is needed for account opening. Just Fill account opening form and wait for 24 hours, your account will be approved.

After that, you can buy a variety of products from their official websites. Most of the products on sites are starting with 100 rupees. When you sell this product to your friends you will get Commissions.

Also, whenever you refer anyone you will get a commission when he or she sells anything. You can add distributors under your distributor’s ID for making Commissions.

Visit official website of Mi Lifestyle

4. Modicare

Most of The MLM Company sell Health or beauty related products. Modicare also sells Beauty and health-related products. The company make money from their MLM Module.

It is an Indian Company. The company headquarter is located in Delhi. In 2012, the company won the Best Health Care Product manufacture award.

The Business module of Modicare is same as other. When you sell any listed products of Modicare to your friends and family you will get a commission. As the Part of Modicare Member, you will get the same product in less than 20%-25%.

This 20%-25% is your commission amount which you earn. Also, the Company gives Monthly Bonus to their users. The Bonus amount is depended upon your level in Company. You can increase your level by adding more members in Modicare which leads to more Bonus.

Visit official website of Modicare

5. Forever Living

Forever Living is started in 1978 and founded in the United States. But the company operates in most of the country. The headquarter of Forever Living in India is located in Mumbai.

Most of the products of Forever Living are made up of Aloe Vera and Natural products.

Just like other MLM Company, you will make money when you sell products of Forever Living. You will make more than 40% of commission of each product when you help Forever Living to sell any product.

You will not earn any money when you add People in Forever Living. You will only earn Bonus when these people sell any products. You Can make 13% of Bonus of Commission when these people sell any products on a monthly basis.

Other then this you will also get Leadership bonus up to 2% to 6% based on your position in the organization.

Visit official website of Forever Living

6. RCM

RCM is one of the famous Indian company who sell their products via Network Marketing. It comes under one of the best Network Marketing Companies in India.

More than 10 Lakh of users are now connected with RCM. They have more than 750+ products which belong to Cloths, grocery and cosmetics Sections.

After becoming an RCM Member, you can buy products in Less 15% as compared to the market rate. After purchasing the product, you can sell the same product by adding your commission to end-user.

One of the coolest things about RCM is they offer many types of bonus to their user. By Joining RCM only, you can earn many types of bonus like Performance Bonus, Loyalty Bonus and Technical Bonus. This Bonus rate can vary from 5% to 30% depending upon your position in an organization.

Visit official website of RCM

7. OriFlame

We cannot say OriFlame Fully comes under MLM Company category as you can buy products from OriFlame directly using their website also.

OriFlame is an Indian company which sell Skincare and beauty products on their website. as I already said end-user can buy products from OriFlame directly using their website.

But if you join OriFlame MLM Module and become VIP Customer then the same products which are listed on their website will be sold to you in less then 20% to 40%. After purchasing this product, you can sell this product and make your commission on each sell of products.

Oriflame also offers many types of Bonus which are listed on their official website.

Visit official website of Oriflame

8. Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Come under the biggest Network Marketing Companies in India. It was started in 2004. Like most of the MLM Company Vestige also make money by selling Beauty and health care product.

Currently, they have more than 2000 Online and offline outlets in India. They mainly operate from their offline office which is increased to 600 this year.

Most of the product is GMP certified or ISO certified. This show the authentication and originality of products. Now they are also dealing with an Air purifier.

You can make money by joining the Vestige Marketing Company in various form. Most of the Bonuses are applicable or given to their users when they refer to anyone. You can also make money by selling Their products. You will get 10%-20% of Commissions of each sell.

You will also get 5%-20% of bonus based on your Accumulative performance. Other then this you will also get 17% as a director bonus.

Visit official website of Vestige Marketing

9. Future Maker

One of the fasted growing MLM Company in India is Future Maker. They have started their operations from 2015. The headquarter of Company is located in Haryana.

You can check the official website of Future Maker for all products which they sell. The main focus of the company is on Beauty and Health Care products.

Just Like most of the MLM Company Future Maker Pay you Money when you sell any product or company to end-users. You can purchase products at a low price and after adding your commission you can sell the same products in High Price.

You will also get quarterly Bonus based on your past performance and number of products you sell.

10. Avon

Another North based MLM Company in this list is Avon. The company is very popular in India just because of their products which they sell. They Mainly deal with beauty care and health-related products. The Price of each product is very less. So the end-user will get the best product at less price without effecting sellers commissions.

Avon is founded in 1886. Company is very old and profitable. They have more than 9$ billion of annual revenue. In India, they are operating for more than 20 Years.

The Business module of Avon is very simple. They sell their products to their representative on 15%-25% less price. This representative sells the same products with a margin of 40%-50%.

You will also get a Discount if you Group sells.  You can easily make more than Lakh of rupee if you sell Avon products in Large-Volume.

Visit official website of Avon

11. DXN India

DXN is a parent company of DXN India. They started their company in 1993 in Malaysia.

The best thing about DXN India is they sell many other things other than just beauty products. They also sell a verity of mushrooms.

On Joining Company, you will start earning Money whenever new Employee Join under your associative ID. By selling Company products you can earn more than 20%-30% of Commission on direct sell. The best thing is the company also give many other types of Commissions to their Sellers based on their performance and monthly sell volume.

Visit official website of DXN

12. 4Life

You can check the 4Life official website for the complete list of the products which the company sell. One of the Best products which company sell is related to weight loss. They are US based Company and completely operate from the US.

Many distributor and new user only join 4Life because of attractive bonus structure which the company offers. You can easily make more than 33% of commission for each product sell.

Other than direct sell company also offers many other types of Bonus. On selected products company give Rapid rewards to their Distributors.

Visit official website of 4Life

13. K-Link Healthcare (India) Pvt Ltd.

K-Link is a Chennai based company started its operation from 2001. Company Mainly operate in Health care, beauty products, protein powders, Ayurveda Products and K-flex.

Company Offer more than 30% of the commission on each sell of product. Other than this K-Link also give 28% of Development bonus to its distributors.

Make sure your official website of K-Link for more detail of products.

Visit official website of K-Link

14. Naswiz

I am covering Naswiz just because it started getting the attention of many new people. I saw many people making thousands of Money by just working part-time in Naswiz. It is one of the fastest-growing MLM Company in India.

Company is very small as compare to other Networking Company I listed in this post. All the Marketing Training will be provided By the Company itself.

On selling each product, you can earn 30% of the commission. Other than direct sell you can also make money by increasing your Bonus. This Bonus percentage will be calculated based on Net sell done by you plus the position of you in the company.

Visit official website of Naswiz


We Already covered Top 21 MLM Companies in India. You can join any company from the given list. As I already said you can do this as a part-time or as full time also.

But before Joining an MLM Company Make sure you check the history of the Company. The products which the company sell. The Profit Margin and Bonus company give. If you think the company is legit and looks good to Join then only Join any Network Marketing Company.

Most of the Network Marketing Companies in India are doing Scam. Make sure you do proper research. If you are looking for an alternative to making money online then Blogging is the best way of money. We already shared how to start Blog in detail, make sure you check that.

Let me know if you know any other MLM Company or have any question related to the company in the comment box. Share this post with your family and friends.

Cheers !!!

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