Here are some amazing wildlife sanctuaries in and around Hyderabad that you need to visit for that dose that’d bring you closer to the best of natural beauty. If you’re interested in checking out these wildlife havens, then check for flights from New Delhi to Hyderabad. Take a look at some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries.

Kinnerasani Wildlife Reserve – 


Placed within the outskirts of Khammam district of Telangana lies the Kinnerasani Wildlife Reserve which is part of the Dandakaranya Forests. Along with locations like Parnasala, Rekapalli, Dummugudem that hold particular place in Hindu mythology, especially the Treta Yugam. It stretches over a location of 635 sq. km. and lies on the west banks of the river Godavari. It’s less than 15 kilometres away from Kothagudem and 25 kilometres away from Bhadrachalam. The Kinnerasani wildlife refuge derives its name from the river Kinnerasani which eventually drains into the river Godavari, valleys and cuts it into hillocks. Kinnerasani River flows into the refuge in a meandering way forming curves and loops giving a scenic effect and has grown into a part of folk literature and Telugu poetry. Within the center of the wildlife lies a picturesque lake, Kinnerasani with thickly forested isles, which is a great breeding ground for the endangered Marsh Crocodiles. Many perennial springs called Togus are often seen here. Other draws are environmental education centre, holiday home glass guesthouse, deer park, Kinnerasani dam and reservoir. Taking flights from New Delhi to Hyderabad, you can reach this amazing wildlife haven.

Pakhal Wildlife Reserve – 

Pakhal Lake

The Pakhal Wildlife Reserve is a stunning, enviable tourist area situated in the Warangal district, Telangana. Situated across the coasts of the Pakhal Lake, it was the Kakatiya Dynasty who created it in the year 1952. It was in the 13th century this lake was recovered and named following the guy who excavated it. A location of 860 square kilometres covers the vast terrain of this beguiling sanctuary. It presents a stunning landscape with mesmerising range of low hills where wild animals receive an opportunity to nestle in the tableland within a safe ambience. The surroundings of the Pakhal Lake as well as the safety supply the untouched beauty of nature. It offers a wide selection of fauna and flora amidst a backdrop that is wonderful. This biodiversity is a striking characteristic which has earned a name for this particular safety bringing a lot of international and local tourists.

The Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve – 


This wildlife sanctuary stretches across more than 3500 square kilometers and encompasses five districts specifically Nalgonda, Kurnool, Mahbubnagar, Prakasam and Guntur, making it the biggest tiger reserve in India. The southern section of the reservation was initially kept as a hunting reserve for the royals of their guests and Hyderabad. The woody slopes of the vast tablelands along with the Hills alongside the dense greenery of the place make it a scenic and breathtaking encounter. This reservation, which is situated in the picturesque Nallamala Hills, resonates with the vibrancy of the wildlife.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary – 

Poecham Wildlife Sanctuary

The wildlife covers an area of about 130 square kilometers and was created in the 1952 and was once the hunting ground of the then Nizam. This Refuge is named after the Pocharam Lake, which was formed following the building of the Pocharam Dam on Allair River between the years of 1916 to 1922. This region was declared as a wildlife refuge in the early years of the 20th century. The serious Traveller is beckoned by the dreamlike beauty of the Pocharam Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary to its many wonders. The park is often included in the list of best tourist places in Hyderabad.

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