Best Snowfall Places In India
Snowfalls in India

Like all other parts of the world, the snowfall in India is similar to that of witches, which often appear on wallpapers and calendars. But if you really want to feel the same, the best winter season in India is between the winter months of December to February.

November and March are beautiful too, but the snow is not as thick as New Year’s. Come and join the fun in the best snowy places in India which are great places for a fun family trip, a dream wedding, and a special trip with friends. Check out our list of top glaciers in India.If you are looking for glaciers in India, then listed below are some of the best. They are divided into north, south, east, and west so that you can easily plan your trip. You may also want to combine 2 locations and feel the snow on both of them in one trip. But for whatever reason, here are some of the best ski resorts in India.The following are the list of the best snowfalls in india :

  • Munsiyari.
  • Chopta.
  • Kufri.
  • Tawang.
  • Gulmarg.
  • Lava.
  • Manali.



It is not a famous place, this place is just for you if you like peace and quiet. The evergreen forests are covered with white dust, and Munsiyari is a beautiful place to experience the snow of India. Munsiyari is one of India’s most unpopular hill stations.

Medium temperature: 5 degrees Celsius.
Important Attractions: Panchchuli Peaks; the mysterious Maheshwari Kund, so-called, the place of Yaksh; Birthi Falls; and the Rhododendrons field in Betulidhar.
Winter activities and hobbies: Try bold winter sports; take a trip to Khaliya Top, and relax on the edge of Thamari Kund.
Things to Do: hiking, skiing, visiting the Rhododendrons garden.
Height: 2,200 m.
What to Try With Food or Cuisine: In Convenience Cuisine.
Spoken language: 2,200 m.
Best Time: All year long.



Chopta is a beautiful place where one can see snow in India during the months of November to March. This is also the time when one can enjoy hiking here even though the famous Deoriatal Chandrashila Snow Trek is closed during the winter. Go here if you are looking for one of the best glaciers in India.

Medium temperature: 3 degrees Celsius.
Key Attractions: The peak of Chandrashilla, Chopta looks like a little Switzerland covered with a blanket of snow.
Winter Activities & Hobbies: Camping, Skiing, Skiing, Rock Climbing.
Things to Do: enjoy amazing views, play in the snow, walk on the ice.
Height: 2,608 m.
What to Try Food or Cuisine: Aaloo then Gutke.
Spoken language: Sanskrit.
Best Time: March to May.



Snowfall in Shimla and glaciers in Kufri are world famous. Lots of tourists and nature lovers flock to this place, every year. Although it sells well, it never ceases to be a safe haven for friends, couples, and family, even in winter.

Medium temperature: 7 degrees Celsius.
Important Attractions: comparatively quiet streets of Kufri; Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri; and Kufri Adventure Park.
Winter Activities & Hobbies: Enjoy skiing on the slopes of Shimla and Kufri; ice skating, skiing, hiking, river scuba diving, and snowball fights; and window shopping at Mall Road.
Things to Do: enjoy snowfall, hiking, mountaineering.
Height: 2,276 m.
What to Try at Food or Cuisine: Meethe Chawal.
Language spoken: Punjabi, Hindi.
Best Time: March to June.



One of the richest places in culture and ice in India is Tawang. The real cooking has a delicious taste and the comfortable houses comfort the depressed souls against these clean white spaces. Tawang is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh.

Average temperature: 0 degrees Celsius
Highlights: Attend colorful festivals such as Gaden Namchoe, Lhabab Duechen, and Dukpa Tse She, against the snow-white Tawang background; monks of Tawang; and the Tawang War Memorial
Winter Activities & Hobbies: Go with the Sela Pass; enjoy the flow of Nuranang waterfalls, and stand in front of Lake Madhuri
Nearby airport: Salonibari Airport, 6 hours away
Nearby railway station: Tezpur railway station
Accommodation: Bliss Homestay, Come Inn Homestay, Dondrub Homestay
Things to Do: Meditate on Taktsang Gompa, Go to Gorichen Peak, shop at Tibetan Settlement Market
Height: 2,669 m
What to Try Food or Cuisine: Thupka
Spoken language: Dakpa
Best Time: March to October.



The pine trees and the sloping roof that covered the snow painted a beautiful picture. Also, large ski resorts offer enough fodder for adventure freaks to visit in Pahalgam and Gulmarg, two of the best ski resorts in India.

Medium temperature: 3 degrees Celsius.
Key Attractions: Club Park – old park Pahalgam; beautiful Aru Village; Lidder Valley – camping site; Betaab Valley; and the beautiful scenery of Apharwat Peak.
Winter Activities & Hobbies: Travel by cable car, Gulmarg Gondola; refresh at The Khyber Spa; enjoy golf at Gulmarg Golf Course; then ski to your heart’s content at Gulmarg Ski Resort.
Things to Do: play golf, go skiing, enjoy Betaab valley views.
Height: 2,740 m.
What to Try Food or Cuisine: Kashmiri Cuisine.
Spoken language: Urdu.
Best Time: October to February.



Lava is not as small as paradise in the winter, which is covered with tall trees covered with fresh snow, which is why it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. Apart from this, you also get a good view of Mt. It is a popular magnet for travelers and nature lovers. You can also get to see a variety of beautiful birds.

Medium temperature: 5 degrees Celsius.
Important Attractions: Lava View Point, explore Neora Valley National Park, relax in Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery, Ramitey Dara View Point, Rachela Pass.
Winter Activities & Hobbies: Take a canopy trek, trek to Samthar Plateau and Rachela Pass, choose mountain biking, rock climbing, and shooting at Pedong.
Things to Do: Visit Neora Valley National Park, Spend some time in Rishyap
Height: 2,200 m.
What to Try at Food or Cuisine: Macher Jhol.
Language spoken: Bengali.
Best Time: October to February.



This is exactly where YJHD was shot amidst all the snow and fun. Cold winds, extremely white areas, and tranquil surroundings make snow in Manali unique and popular, above all others. Rohtang Pass is located near Manali and attracts many tourists.

Medium temperature: 2 degrees Celsius.
Key Attractions: Naggar Castle; Old Manali; and Rohtang Pass.
Winter Activities & Hobbies: Snowboarding in Rohtang; paragliding, hand surfing, skydiving, and Solang Valley; and leisure activities at Club House.
Things to Do: Try cycling, hiking, mountaineering, enjoy the snow.
Height: 2,050 m.
What to Try on Food or Cuisine: Mittha.
Language spoken: Hindi.
Best Time: October to February.

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