Sometimes life is going well but it suddenly takes a U-turn and everything goes off balance. The ordeal is hard to take and you become lost in sea of confusion and despair. It is here that you need the help and support of a life coach who will give you the encouragement you need to pass through this sensitive phase. With the aid of such a professional, you will find that life becomes less burdensome as you receive the strength and the determination to face the ordeal ahead.

James Mitchell is one such professional that takes your hand and ensures that you bounce back to life with success. He says that he has helped many people who are depressed and about to commit suicide. After speaking to them, he has managed to restore their faith in life and given them hope. It is a pity that today, you do not have a very strong emotional support system. There is no way for you to find expert help when you need it at the moment. People often fall prey to addiction and this makes life worse.

He says that bad phases come in life. They also pass. It is important never to lose faith. Accepting circumstances is the first thing that you must come to terms with. When people come to him for help, he says that they share their burdens and hopes. Unfortunately, nowadays people are so busy with their life that they do not have time for their near and dear ones. The advent of the digital world and smartphones have made the ordeal even worse. He says that people have the time to tap away at their smartphones but they do not have the time to talk to their family members. The result is that people are now feeling lonely and desolate. This trend is increasing day by day.

He says that the feeling of loneliness and desolation needs to be addressed. People should be more compassionate and caring. Running after money and the cruel rat race have made people insensitive. They have become selfish and self -centered.

There is another issue that most people face and that is they avoid people when they feel stressed and anxious. James Mitchellsays that it is fine to have your own space once in a while however you must also talk with people. Interacting socially will help you to feel better. Another negative part of life is the fact that television, newspapers and social media often carry negative images and news. You often get swayed by it. It is important for you to note the people that you spend time with.

They are the ones that will support you and help you in the long run to remain positive. He says that everyone has flaws and no one is perfect. This is a true fact of life that you should accept. Every relationship is a give and take process. It is important for you to understand this basic need and make room for people in your life so that they do not be lonely or desolate at all!

By Ankit S

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