A Few Tips to Make your Mondays at Office Beautiful!


Mondays are always difficult start off the week. In order to make it better, just try out these:-

Quality time

We are often dedicating our weekend to the family. However, we fail to appreciate the fact that by doing so, we are also indulging into a working mode- this time for the family. So we are not actually resting.

Make sure to get that very important ‘me’ time- the quality time for your own self. During this time, make sure to do what you want to but could not down the week. It can be reading, listening to music, watching movies or simply sleeping! By doing so, you satisfy your mind and body and actually de-stress a lot. Without this, you feel like being in working mode even on the weekend, thereby heading towards a lower Motivation Monday.

Healthy food

Weekends are times when our diet goes berserk. We tend to have quite a bit of junk over the weekend with the family members. All that pizza, butter and sweets can really choke our system and create a huge amount of free radicals in the body.

This not only results in accelerating our age; it also makes us feel tired over the weekend, and we tend to feel down on Monday morning.

To counter the junk food, try avoiding it, and if that is not possible, just try these out:-

  1. Curd.
  2. Lukewarm water.
  3. Lemon water.

These things if consumed after meals help in curbing the bad effects thereby energising you and keeping you going.

Light exercising

Try to exercise every day and especially on a Monday morning, make sure you do that bit. This energises your body system and rejuvenates the energy inside so that you feel nice about yourself and go ahead into the busy week in a positive frame of mind. Add your kids and spouse to the routine so that they also get going overcoming the Monday blues and you also feel motivated to spend some quality time over the exercising wheels.

Make your breakfast healthy

To get going on Monday morning, make your breakfast healthier. This also will help counter the junk food over the weekend. Thus, add oats and corn flakes to your meal along with lukewarm milk. Do not have eggs and skip the bread and butter too. Also, it is better to avoid the tea or coffee; rather enjoy a fruit drink.

Fresh fruits are always a turn-on for the body. Add some bit of oranges and apples to the breakfast and also carry a few as fillers down the day. You will not only feel nice about the body, you can remain cool and energetic down the first half of the week as well.

End your breakfast with lemon water and green tea

At the end of the breakfast, especially for Motivation Monday, try out lemon water. It can work wonders. Also carry green tea for the day, or prepare it and have in the office at least 3-4 times to remain rejuvenated.


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