Beagle is one of America’s most popular and much-loved dog breeds. This lovable dog is the most recognizable breed as well. Beagles, small, and hardy, are great companions for adults and children alike. They are adorable and have large floppy ears.

They usually have brown charming eyes that can make anyone to do anything just to please this little pooch. They have a strong senses of smell so their noses guide them and they get crazy when found an interesting smell. Beagle was originally breed as a scent hound for hunting rabbits, hare and goats. For this purpose, this breed is still adopted as a pet across the world. Canines of this breed are cheerful and fun loving with everyone, but they can also be stubborn. A proper training and creative techniques can overcome this problem.

If you are lovable and soft-hearted pet owner then getting a beagle puppy could be a best decision as it will certainly run your life. Once you bring this little animal to your home, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a beagle as a perfect companion. Beagle is sociable and you need your dog to interact with other animals and children in order to thrive to be a well-rounded animal. If you have acquired an adult beagle then don’t worry, you will still get an increased number of chances to get familiar and get used to each other. Although, life with a beagle dog is might not be easy-going, but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded with more than you expect.

Here are some cool facts that you might didn’t know about beagle dog:

Ears Help Nose

As we know that our ears and nose share the same system in the body. In case of beagles, ears and nose work together in a more unique way. According to breed standards, the ears of beagles should reach the tip of their noses when drawn out. It’s not hard to depict as beagle ears are usually long and big. This trait is supposed to help beagles in smelling. But how? According to experts, the large ears of this breed catch scent particles and keep the smell as close as possible to its nose. This helps the dog to get the sent information as much as possible. There are not many other breeds of dogs that have this special trait.

Variety of Sizes

In order to classify this dog as a part of beagle breed, there is a height limit. This breed is generally categorized into two different sizes. Some beagles have size of 13 inches, which is considered small as compared to other dogs. Beagles are typically considered to be in the group of small dogs. But there are some beagles who are slightly large. Thus, United States categorizes another breed size that is over 13 inches, but there is a limit to be under 15 inches tall. A dog that is over that number will probably classify apart from beagle breed.

The size of classification is different in United Kingdom. A beagle can be 16 inches tall. So there is a difference of 3 inches from the 13 inches that is considered as standard size in United States.

White-tipped Tails

This breed is well-known for its distinctive white tail. Beagle’s white-tipped tail tell more stories that people didn’t know. The white tail of beagles make them more visible and recognizable to people when their noses are on the ground while sniffing away during hunting. A white-tipped tail of the beagle is also a sign of whether the dog is purebred or not. All beagles have some white hairs on their tails. Purebred beagles have purely white-tipped tails. If there is no white section in his tail then it is not a beagle breed.

Beagle’s Duties

If a beagle could be paid for its job, many dogs would be rich. Due to their super skills in smelling and hunting, these dogs are often acquired as working dogs. This breed can also be used as bedbug detector. If you ever experienced bedbugs in your house, you must know that they are difficult to see and hard to get them away. Beagles have the natural tendency to easily detect bedbugs. Also, many hotels use beagles to find the pests before any nuisance happens. In US, The Department of Homeland Security actually uses this capable breed in airports to search luggage for various food products. Illegally imported foods invite the foreign diseases and parasites. Beagles that work for this department are known as Beagle Brigade.

Best Escape Artist

Beagle is an intelligent creature. This dog is persistent in searching for an adventure. This might mean that sometimes, beagle has to go beyond the fence in order to find it. That is why Beagle is known for the best escape artist among the canines. When it comes to jumping fences or digging under the fence, beagles are at the top. As beagles are small in sizes, so you will probably have to invest in taller fences just to keep them in. Don’t plan to get chain link enclosure because a beagle can easily climb from it. You might need to get some sink wires in your fence to prevent digging. Moreover, if you are putting a lock to fix this escape problem, make sure that you have a strong latch because a beagle dog can open weak latches.

Health Problems

Beagles are prone to many heath issues. Some of the diseases may include skin allergies, ear infections, eye disease, diabetes, and chronic heart disease. Beagle can also get suffered from osteoporosis, particularly if they don’t get the right amount of exercises they require. While beagles considered to have poor health, but it is possible for them to live a long and healthy life. If you care for your pet, you will surely do whatever it takes. Make sure that your beagle get some walks and regular exercises because they can gain weight faster. 

By Ankit S

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