India's most Stunning Sunrise Spots
Best Sunrise Spots of India

Among the many beautiful gifts of nature to mankind, an amazing combination of sunrise and sunset is an outstanding feature. Eager to find beauty wherever we try, I have selected a list of amazing sunsets and sunsets in India.Take a look at the best Sunrise and sunset Spots in India.We have compiled a list of the best sunrise points in the world. North to south, east to west, these are great places to feed your eyes the first thing in the morning.Below are some of the most stunning sunrise and sunset spots of India:-

  • Tiger Hill,West Bengal.
  • Panchmarhi,Madhya Pradesh.
  • Taj Mahal,Uttar Pradesh.
  • Umiam Lake,Meghalaya.
  • Nubra Valley,Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Kanyakumari,Tamil nadu.
  • Rann Of Kutch,Gujarat.
  • Kovalam Beach,Kerala.

Tiger Hill:-

Tiger Hill View

Start early in the morning to see some of the best things in the world. Tiger Hill in the Darjeeling region of West Bengal, offers a spectacular view of the morning sun as it sheds its first rays on the mighty Himalayas. In particular, the world’s highest peaks, Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest. It starts with the mountains turning pink and red. After a while, the peaks turn yellow as if melted gold has been poured over them. Amazing view you can give. It also explains the importance of Tiger hill.


Panchmarhi sunrise view

This hill station on the Satpura mountains is the highest point in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Located at an altitude of more than 3500 meters and overlooking the nearby mountains, the sunrise of Pachmarhi is the perfect place to start your day with a spectacular view and a spectacular view.Blessed with its evergreen landscapes, this mountain station is also known as the queen of Satpura. Its beauty is further enhanced by the beautiful sunsets and sunsets as they pierce the entire center of the hills with their golden colors.

Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal sunrise view

Among the most visited monuments in India and known worldwide, the Taj Mahal is also one of the world’s most famous sunrise sites. While you will find yourself with a large crowd as a company, sunrise also becomes a quiet and peaceful time to capture the beauty of one of the world’s most famous romantic memories. In my view, it is the natural environment that suddenly causes the beauty of the monument to reach its peak.However, you should see for yourself when the first rays of the morning sun illuminate this clean marble structure. A white color that turns a little gold and casts its shadows on the buildings around it, a view that is truly pleasing to the eye. Plus, at that point in the day you can get a breather from the crowd.

Umaim lake:

Just ten miles [15 km] north of Shillong, this vast artificial lake is among the most visited places in Meghalaya. Sunrise is a beautiful story here with the clear waters of Umiam Lake reflecting the blue, pink and yellow light. Surrounded by lush green hills, the lake is a popular place for various water sports.

Nubra Valley:

Nubra Valley sunrise view

You will need to cross the world’s tallest road (past Khardung La) and plan your trips to the rough terrain and high temperatures, but sunrise in Ladakh’s Nubra Valley can be a useful experience. Viewing the lush green landscapes of the desert and the rocky mountains of the Karakoram series, this spectacular valley is one of the unique Indian places of immersion in the first rays of the sun.An armored valley northeast of Ladakh, Nubra has its origins in tropical and subtropical climates, surrounded by sand dunes in the Himalayas. Seeing the sun rise over this vast expanse of color (blue skies with white clouds, green pastures with silver dunes all around), is unparalleled. Admittedly, the region is extremely temperate, but as soon as you see this amazing sight, you will love it.


Kanyakumari sunrise view

India’s most famous solar system is located on the southern tip of the country, off the coast of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. The confluence of three watersheds – the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea – Kanyakumari is a unique place to visit. With an amazing view of the sunrise, over 95 feet high, the Thiruvalluvar statue is a must-see.Watching the sun set at the southern tip of the Indian Ocean is a sight that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Kanyakumari in the province of TamilNadu is unique not only because it is the end of India, but also has a combination of three seas — the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, in front of it. This makes watching the sunset / sunrise a pleasant experience. For a clear and panoramic view of the front of the sea shining in the red shadows at sunset, you can head up to the lighthouse located on the beach. The same can be said of the lunar eclipse of Kanyakumari.

Rann Of Kutch:

Rann Of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch, India’s most famous ‘white desert’, is a salt marshes found in the heart of the Thar Desert in Gujarat. One of the world’s largest salt deserts, it is an amazing sight to visit at any time of the day. However, Kutch’s seemingly endless white sands formed a spectacular view when exposed to the sun’s first rays.

Kovalam Beach:

Sunrise View Kovalam Beach

Few things are as spectacular as the sunrise on a beautiful ocean floor. Kovalam Beach in southern Kerala offers spectacular views of sunrise over the Arabian Sea. Almost always quiet this morning, the 17-mile [17 km] stretch of sea offers many beautiful scenery for a special view of the sunrise.

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