Orthopaedic Surgery: Know the Common Types Practiced


People of all ages are found to suffer from different types of ailments, some of which might cause difficulty in carrying out day to day physical activities. There may arise issues with the bones which are noticed among women, children and men alike. Different reasons and causes are cited for bone-related problems to emerge in people. It can be a pain in the lower back, hands, legs or just about any part of the body. At times, the pain experienced can be extreme making life difficult and miserable for the patient. If pain is less, then normal balm, other ointments and sprays when applied on the part can help relieve the tension that takes place in the nerve or the bones. But if the situation is bad, then it becomes essential to visit the best orthopaedic surgeons who can prescribe the most appropriate treatment to cure the ailment.

The orthopaedic physicians and surgeons are skilled to diagnose the problem faced by the patients. For the better and accurate diagnosing purpose, they prescribe the patients undergo X-Ray, CT scan or MRI scan as the situation and the person’s health condition requires. For some problems, however, orthopaedic surgery probably could be the best-prescribed treatment available. The skilled surgeons do carry out minor and major operations on a day to day basis to provide relief and cure to the patients, who have been suffering for a long time.

Types of orthopaedic surgery conducted

  • Rotator Cuff Repair:The shoulder is kept in its original place by the rotator cuff, thus allowing the arm to move freely in any direction. But a fall on a hard surface or sports-related injury of any type might cause tears in this part of the body, thus causing reduced motion range in the arm and making the person to experience severe pain at all times. An effective solution prescribed by the qualified orthopaedic surgeon, in this case, is surgery, which can help to relieve discomfort and is likely to restore arm movement like in normal times. Majority of the patients are noticed to regain measurable function and strength in the ailing shoulder on carrying out physical therapy after the surgery.
  • Joint Replacement:It might involve numerous joints like the hip, ankle, shoulder and knees. Patients suffering from injury or arthritis and significant health issues often are recommended this procedure. If these joint issues are not taken proper care of, then over time, it is likely to cause severe motion problems, thus making it really difficult for the patient to even move around. Also, the pain associated with such issues can be severe. Usually, the procedure involves replacing the damaged joint with that of metal or plastic joint to offer pain-free movement.
  • ACL Reconstruction:ACL stands for the anterior cruciate ligament. Its responsibility is to stabilize the knee region. In case, there occurs any injury, then this ligament might rupture. Treatment provided for repairing the ligament requires torn ACL elimination and getting it replaced with a tissue that is derived from the patient or any matching organ donor. Once the new ACL is inserted, tendon grafts or screws are used to hold the same in its place.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery:There may arise issues with the joints. To treat such issues, arthroscopic surgery may be prescribed. The common joints that are explored using an arthroscope include the shoulder, knee and hip The arthroscope can be termed to be a tiny tube, with its other end having lens and light. The device is to be inserted into the joint, while the light and lens present at the other are able to find out the issue and determine the type of treatment to be prescribed. Patients recover quickly since the tiny incision is made to carry out this procedure.
  • Spinal surgery:The spine region may be affected due to several health issues, requiring surgical remedy. One major complaint is back pain that might reduce the person’s physical ability to walk, sit or even sleep properly. Before orthopaedic surgery, the physician may suggest less invasive options for treatment. But such treatments do not provide respite, and then the surgical remedy is considered the last option.


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