Triphala as the name suggests is the mixture of three fruits. The triphala juice is a healthy juice which is prepared by mixing liquid extracts from three fruits which are Amla (the Indian gooseberry), Bibhakti (the Baherre) and Haritaki (the Harre). These fruits can also be crushed to make powders out of it which can also be consumed orally. The three fruits that are combined become extremely powerful and when they are consumed it becomes extremely beneficial for human health. It deals with a lot of health problems and helps an individual to live a healthy life.

There are some basic ayurveda triphala juice which one can buy and include in their regular diet charts. There are numerous benefits of triphala juice and they can get the result out of it.

  • This juice is hugely recommended for those who are suffering from constipation problems. This actually works as a laxative and if this is consumed on a regular basis then one can get rid of this regular bowel problems and can have a healthy digestive system ahead.
  • This juice also increases a lot of immunity power in a human body. This juice is one of the richest source of Vitamin C and so it protects the body from various infections and bacterial attacks. That is why; people do not catch cough and cold or fever during change of seasons or in bad weather. Apart from Vitamin C; it has other vitamins as well which protects the body.
  • Triphala juice is a great antioxidant. That is why it can prevent ageing of skins. It keeps the skin glowing and healthy. As a result, the skin remains fresh and it does not have much problems along with pimples and acne.
  • This minimises the release of free radicals in a human body. It improves digestion system and balances the secretion of digestive enzymes. It detoxifies the human body as well. It eliminates more toxins from human body keeping it healthy.
  • As this juice is rich in Vitamin C they help in better iron absorption in a human body. That is why; those who are suffering from anaemia, this juice is very effective for them. It also purifies the blood and creates new blood cells.
  • This thing also helps women body to strengthen their reproductive organs. They function well if this juice is taken on a regular basis. Those who has a problem with clear menstruation can try this and their problem can be solved easily. This will keep the cycle normal and will also reduce the pain.
  • It also keeps the bladder clean and healthy. Those who has some urinary tract infections or some things like that can try this it get some positive results.

It is a good idea to take this juice on a regular basis in a particular amount and the best time is to have it in the morning at empty stomach or at least two hours after dinner before going to bed.

By Ankit S

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